IOTD …. “🇦🇫 ‘Images of the Day, Afghan Art Edition – Sad to See’ 🇦🇫 …. “!!

~~October 12, 2021~~


I became aware of this young Afghani artist during the withdrawal of American and allied troops from Afghanistan. I found her official website and her social media accounts. I follow her to make sure that she is still alive, producing and ‘reporting’ on the status of her country.

With the return of Taliban rule, what were things can’t be taken for granted any more.

Here’s to Shamsia and her fellow artists – thinking about them!




Shamsia Hassani (real name Ommolbanin Hassani) – (born 1988) is an Afghan graffiti artist, a fine arts lecturer, and the associate professor of Drawing and Anatomy Drawing at the Kabul University.

She has popularized “street art” in the streets of Kabul and has exhibited her art in several countries including India, Iran, Germany, United States of America, Switzerland, Vietnam, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Italy, Canada, and in diplomatic missions in Kabul. Hassani paints graffiti in Kabul to bring awareness to the war years. In 2014, Hassani was named one of FP’s top 100 global thinkers.



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Tuesday Thoughts …. “💫 ‘Seeking Fulfillment and Happiness – Different Lanes’ 💫 …. “!!

~~October 12, 2021~~


We all seeks a common outcome, outlook and goals. The important thing is to be on the way. Which map we follow, which road we take, which lane we chose is as individual are each and every one of us is.



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Would A Split Be Good?

In my view … I think this would be perfect! Yet I know I’m just dreaming!! … “These are dangerous times…..and the country sleeps through the danger. What do you think? Should this country bow to the stupidity of the day? Or fight to keep the country we all love?” … don’t know if there’s enough fight!! Surely doesn’t feel like it!!

In Saner Thought

For a decade there are many that have wanted certain areas or states to secede from the union….and since the election of the guy that came before the present leader of the pack that cry has gotten louder and now it seems there is a conversation about a national split….

“The divide between Trump and Biden voters is deep, wide, and dangerous. The scope is unprecedented, and it will not be easily fixed,” said UVA Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato.

“In order to figure out ways to bridge these divides, we need to understand not just the divides themselves, but also understand the ways in which we can, together, move forward to reach common ground. This project helps us do both,” said Larry Schack of Project Home Fire, a new initiative partnering with the UVA Center for Politics.

The report top-line revelations include: “Trump and Biden voters are…

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