Lurkin’ For Youngkin

PLEASE!! … :Please, Virginians. Don’t let the guy supported by Trump, white nationalists, and Nazis become governor of Virginia. We cannot allow a Trump cultist MAGAt to be the highest elected official in our state. Did you see how Donald Trump erased the progress this nation made under President Obama? Glenn Youngkin is planning to do that to Virginia. Hell, Ken Cuccinelli might even move back here if Youngkin wins. If Youngkin wins in Virginia, they’re going to take this MAGAt enthusiasm nationally in 2022.”



I suspect Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s internal polling isn’t as exciting as he’s making it out to be. I get that impression from him encouraging his goons to stalk votings precincts and harass the volunteers who work the polls.

Do you know how much corruption, chicanery, and irregularities were in Virginia’s 2020 presidential election? Zero. Without saying he believes the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent, Youngkin is giving support to the Big Lie with this shout-out to harass election workers. He’s questioning the security and ethics of Virginia’s election. He’s casting doubt on democracy.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as Youngkin is already defending stupid parents who intimidate and threaten school board members, teachers, and other educators. He’s giving support to parents who want to conduct book burnings like the Nazis they aspire to be.

The Youngkin campaign is currently running a commercial with a parent talking about…

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All In The Name Of The “Deal”

Winning? Tired of winning … on this side too? … “I guess the old political saying still rings true….”something is better than nothing” … unfortunately I do not think this will be the vote getter that the Dems think it will … 2022 will be a bad year for Dems.”

In Saner Thought

This year has been a bust for the Dems in Congress….they failed on police reform and voting rights (2 bills) and as the midterms are quickly becoming a thing and the Dems need something to run on the president is willng to gut his famous infrastructure bill to try and help Dem candidates win their re-election.

The answer is as it always is to gut the great legislation to grab that elusive deal between the parties and to pass a bill.

Same as it ever was.

This time around the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill is being gutted to the tune of 50%……

President Biden declared Thursday he has reached a “historic economic framework” with Democrats in Congress on his sweeping domestic policy package, a dramatically scaled-back deal announced hours before he departs for overseas summits, per the AP. Biden’s remarks at the White House came after he traveled…

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Friday Fun Fact, #1 …. “🐱 ‘National Cat Day’ 🐱 …. “!!

~~October 29, 2022~~


Here are my fur babies: Kitty and Friday



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Walking. With More Disquiet.

Please, check complete post … “Why did the world become unsettled? What tormented it? What was on its mind?” … Knausgaard continues.

Live & Learn

55° F.  6:50 a.m. Wednesday, October 27st.

Cove Island Park walk @ Daybreak. 5xx days, like in a row. Who cares?

I walk.

Wind gusts blow off Long Island Sound. I mean it’s blowing. 

I climb up on the breakwall and prepare to take this shot. I can’t keep my balance. Camera shake.

I spread my legs. Tuck my elbows into my chest, and still can’t stabilize. Autofocus can’t lock in.

I release the camera, drop my arms, and rest.

I look out at the storm clouds accumulating on the horizon. I turn sideways to reduce the broadside impact of the wind, still trying to find my footing on the breakwall.

I’m on the final turn of Knausgaard’s new book: The Morning Star.  “Fifty was all right. I hadn’t yet grasped the gravity of the situation. Sixty’s another matter altogether.”

It’s change that’s uprooting your…

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