At the End of the Day …. “🌙 ‘Thought and Heart’ 🌙 …. “!!

~~October 30, 2021~~


I’ll leave this here. Can’t be said any better.



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Olivia Newton-John and Chole Lattanzi …. “💞 Mother and Daughter: ‘Window in the Wall’ 💞 …. “!!

~~October 30, 2021~~


Mother and daughter! I just saw this video yesterday. I didn’t know they sang this song together. Olivia was one of my favorites way bacm when.

Her daughter Chloe is really grown up!

I like it!!


Olivia Newton-John and her daughter are teaming up for a special project. ET’s Rachel Smith spoke to the 72-year-old singer and her daughter, 35-year-old Chloe Lattanzi, about how their new duet, “Window in the Wall,” came to be. 

“This one woman who I met at a health clinic sent me a song and says, ‘I have been called to send this song to you. I believe you need to record it. It was written by my cousin,'” Newton-John recalled. “I thought, ‘Oh gosh, what if I hate it?'”

Newton-John’s fear was unfounded, as she and her husband, John Easterling, “became really emotional because the lyrics really hit us.” After deciding that she “had to record” the song, Newtown-John immediately knew who she wanted by her side for the process.

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~~Published January 22, 2021~~

Music video by Olivia Newton-John, Chloe Lattanzi performing The Window In The Wall.

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“When I heard the song for the first time, it touched my heart because it is about seeing another person’s point of view and still loving them and understanding them,” she said. 

“In this particular time in the world, it is the perfect message, to have compassion for each other and friendship for each other in this very unusual time on the planet.”


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A Scuzzy Judge

ALL of this loathesome and more … “Judge Bruce Gots-A-Boner-for-Nazis Schroeder, will NOT allow the prosecution to mention any of Rittenhouse’s past associations with the Proud Boys.”



On August 23, 2020, cops in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake four times in the back after tasering him. Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down. He is black and was unarmed when the cops shot him. Anti-racism protests broke out in Kenosha and white goons called for other white goons to come to the city, join the “Kenosha Guard,” and patrol the streets with guns while pretending to protect businesses from black people. Seizing the opportunity to go to march around and play militia, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha from his home in Illinois to join the cause against racial equality.

Rittenhouse illegally crossed lines with a semi-automatic weapon. He was not in Kenosha to defend his home as Kenosha is not his home.

Fun fact for Republicans: Wisconsin and Illinois are two different states.

The mayor of Kenosha and the county sheriff both expressed displeasure with…

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A Puerto Rican Moment – It Happens …. “🇵🇷 ‘Puerto Rico Battles a State of Darkness’ 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~October 30, 2021~~


Going back in history, Spain owns the Island, then Americans invade in 1898 and takes over as a colony master. As the years go by, the American grip on Puerto Rico tightens and tightens.

The Jones Act porhibits econmic development without the approval of the ‘American master‘. Corruption of local politicians and government officials is rampart.

Hurricane María tears down the electircal grid, patches here and there only show deepening troubles, along comes Whitefish Company (remember them?) … and now there’s LUMA.

“The utility, owned by ATCO and Quanta Services, is making progress on partnerships to restore the island’s grid, announcing on Monday a deal with a local electric industry cooperative for more than 100 workers to work with LUMA in grid restoration activities.”

Really, you mean really?

LUMA is fleecing Puerto Ricans by providing awful service and at the same time jacking up the prices electricity and power services.




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~~Publihsed October 22, 2021~~

ABC News’ Victor Oquendo reports on the Puerto Rico electricity crisis, as residents protest ongoing blackouts that have occurred since Hurricane Maria hit four years ago.

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Happy Caturday …. “🚙 ‘My Kitties Love Their Cars’ 🚙 …. “!!

~~October 30, 2021~~


They got good taste!!

They love the Benz and the Hyundai. As soon as they can, the go to the garage and lay like queens!!

They are my queens!!


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Saturday Morning

Totally agree!! … “If you will grant me one vivid morning, I can chain it to me for fifty years.” — William Stafford, from Sound of the Ax: Aphorisms and Poems.

Live & Learn

If you will grant me one vivid morning, I can chain it to me for fifty years.

— William Stafford, from Sound of the Ax: Aphorisms and Poems


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To Start the Day …. “🌻 ‘Always the Best Way To Begin’ 🌻 …. “!!

~~October 30, 2021~~


Couldn’t have said it any better. Now I have to apply it to my day!!



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