The Congressional Con Game …

As I’ve said before, it’s up to ‘we the people’ … ‘THEY’ are both the same!! … “Until the voter pulls their heads out of of social media and start thinking like sentient beings this crap congressional record will continue.”

In Saner Thought

I have heard from both sides about how masterfully the leaders of the House and Senate are at getting the stuff through Congress…..all that is media hype and fanciful BS…..

The truth is that it is autocratic rule….this coming from both parties….

There has evolved a highly centralized, autocratic system in the House and Senate that tolerates meaningful dissent from independently minded legislators in only the rarest and most unique circumstances. Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich led the way in the House. Each extracted compliance from the members of their respective caucuses, Pelosi much more effectively and lastingly than Gingrich. Their demands – their entire strategy – have had one unifying theme: success in the next elections, an effective enticement to re-election hungry members. From selecting a new healthcare system to deciding if it is — or is not — time to impeach a President (remember, in addition to the…

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I'm originally from Puerto Rico. I was born in Santurce and raised in Rio Piedras. Have lived in Florida since 1999. I have a doctorate degree in Medicine; completed in 1976. My Internal Medicine specialty was completed in 1979. Worked for Puerto Rico's health system until 1985. At this time, I'm happily retired after working for the federal government for almost 28yrs. I want to offer any knowledge that I have to anyone "out there" who is interested. My views are liberal in almost every sense. My knowledge is "eclectic" - a bit of everything. Music and reading are my passion. Blogging has also become a very interesting endeavor. Metaphysical topics attract me. I'm interested in news reporting human issues like injustice, discrimination and abuse - the "wrongly" affected. My intention is to bring this knowledge to an understandable level and to help anyone in need. I'm open to questions and will answer them to the best of my ability. Currently working on an enterprise whose main mission will be to bring peoples of all walks of life together. To be one .... since we ALL are ONE!! The future looks bright and promising!!!

1 thought on “The Congressional Con Game …

  1. I responded on the original post site. We haven’t evolved into the current situation. We have always had party officers assigned to enforce discipline, and the current leadership is no where near as strong as some of the fabled Congressional leaders of the past, like Joseph G. Canon, reputed to be the most tyrannical Speaker of the House in US history. What we have is a focus on personal greed that was not allowed in former times with lip service both to ethics and common sense.

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