Jerky Jock Tests

I don’t like any particular sport!! I do think these ‘venerated athletes’ are A$$holes!!



It’s always disappointing to discover an athlete we’ve admired for years turns out to be a narcissistic condescending entitled asshole.

I used to admire Brett Favre. The odds were always against him in high school, college, and when he entered the NFL. He overcame all those odds, went to two Super Bowls, winning one. We love rooting for underdogs. Then near the end of his career, we watched him put himself before, not just his team, but the entire league while sending penis pics to women who did not want to receive penis pics (note: most, if not all, women NEVER want to receive penis pics). As a Quarterback, Brett Favre was amazing. As a human being, he’s a disappointment. While sending the penis pics, he was married with two daughters.

After he left the Packers, he was replaced by Aaron Rodgers who turned out to be a better quarterback…

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