voting rights — how fucked are we?

THIS!! Right on target .. we are f*cked!! … “So that, in my opinion, is where we are. Hovering in the null zone between Totally Fucked and Semi-Fucked.

We will almost certainly remain Fucked In Some Fashion so long as the GOP continues to hold fast to authoritarianism and SCOTUS continues to be held hostage by unqualified conservative hacks.”

Yesterday I was…let’s call it challenged…for not being sufficiently outraged by the Republican assault on voting rights. A Facebook friend suggested I wasn’t taking the threat of voter suppression seriously enough, that I didn’t fully comprehend the severity of the issue, that I was naive. Why? Because I disagreed with this:

Will Joe have the cajones to install voting rights / election law changes even if it takes declaring Martial Law?

I’m not convinced that the willingness to invoke extraordinary military power to seize control of a civil election is a valid metric of my commitment to voting rights. I mean, the US military is brilliant at blowing shit up and killing people, and they’re really great at responding to humanitarian disasters. But martial law isn’t a remedy for our voting rights problems. It’s not the answer for any number of reasons, beginning with 1) the president doesn’t have…

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Motivational Monday …. “🐰 ‘Do Not Change Because of a Few Others, Please’ 🐰 …. “!!

~~January 17, 2022~~


It takes courage to be true and real. It takes courage to stand up to what you believe is right and good.




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Youngkin, Day One

Well, seems to me Virginia will be heading the FloriDUH way!! … “Did I mention this was on his first day in office? It was on his first day in office our new governor (ack) tried to delete a law while creating more dangerous environments for our children. It’s going to be a long four years.”



Glenn Youngkin made sure on his very first day as Virginia’s governor (ack) that we’d know just how horrible and inept he’s going to be.

On his first day as governor (ack) of Virginia, Youngkin signed 11 executive orders with one banning the teaching of “divisive concepts.” What are “divisive concepts”? Anything that scares white conservatives. What they’re aiming at here is Critical Race Theory, which Glenn Youngkin can’t even explain to you less enough, find one example of it actually being taught in a Virginia public school. But banning something that doesn’t exist makes it look like you accomplished something and got rid of it. Good job, Governor (ack) Fucknut. I have another idea. Let’s ban wooly mammoths from show-and-tell day.

Let’s go over it again. Critical Race Theory is centered around the idea that American society is presently impacted by the legacy of slavery and how that legacy…

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Our Naive Assumption

Seems we are both sitting on the same side of the fence … I’m truly concerned!! … and I have choice words not fit for this platform!! — ” We’re presently getting the shit kicked out of us. By the looks of things, 2022 will simply clear the path to the end of our democracy in 2024. It’s surreal to think that. From where I sit however, it appears we need miracles to occur. “

On The Fence Voters

Brooking’s Lib began his last essay by asking why anyone would ever vote for a Republican. He then went into great detail about why Republicans represent a clear and present danger to America today. He concluded his essay by asking, “Am I wrong?” No Jeff, you’re not wrong. You’re 100% correct. I’d like to offer some additional thoughts I’ve had for quite some time however.

To answer your question simply, people vote for Republicans because they like what they’re hearing from Republicans. That part has never changed.

But many things have changed. Things are very different now. We see what’s happening on the news, we read about it and we feel it in the air. We’re at each other’s throats and we literally hate each other. Many say it’s not impossible that we’re heading for another civil war, and it wouldn’t surprise me because the hatred and feelings of justification…

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Boris and Andrew

Andrew and Boris … there’s trouble on the other side of the pond!!



While the rest of the world makes fun of us for stupid shit like politicizing a virus and handing the White House over to a racist grifting “pussy-grabbing” clown game show host, we can take some comfort in that we’re not alone. Other first-world nations also have to deal with their occasional lunatics too.

Racism sells, not just in the United States but also in the UK. What do you think Brexit was? Here, our most recent winner was Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin whose entire campaign was a bunch of racist dog whistles.

And it’s like the UK didn’t learn from our mistake of putting a guy with ridiculous bleached hair into leadership. Anyone who chooses to look like that should be disqualified on that alone, even before you get to the racism. Boris Johnson also won his position with racist lies. Now, Boris is in danger of being tossed…

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My Momoa Monday Moment …. “💔 ‘Sad Reality – Things Change’ 💔 …. “!!

~~January 17, 2022~~


Mondays are my Momoa Moments Day. Today is not a happy occasion. As announced through Jason’s social media and plenty other outlets, their longtime relationship has reached and end.

As anyone knows, these are topicas that are private no matter how known those involved are. There will be plenty of opinions, reasons, solutions and reparations.

The only important thing, IMHO, is to let them be and sort this out.

And wish them both health, happiness and a peaceful future.

May Lola and Wolf be prepared to go through this together.



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Sunday Morning

Yesterday morning …. AWE!!

Live & Learn

I caught my breath and walked on, with a rising sense that glory was all around me. Only at twilight can an ordinary mortal walk in light and dark at once—feet plodding through night, eyes turned up toward bright day. It is a glimpse into eternity, that bewildering notion of endless time, where light and dark exist simultaneously.

—  Margaret Renkl, Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss 

Photo: DK @ Daybreak. 6:47 a.m., January 16, 2022. 9° F, feels like 0° F. Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk, CT. More photos from this morning here.

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