Abhor-Rent: 525,600 Minutes Since The Insurrection …. “🇺🇸 ‘Steven Colbert’s Witty Spoof’ 🇺🇸 …. “!!

~~January 21, 2022~~


I know, I know … it’s been already about 2 weeks since the 1 year ‘anniversary’ of the attack on tha Capitol in Washinton, DC.

I first saw this video on Twitter and found it smart, innovative, sad in all its detailed glory. I hadn’t realized it was ‘produced” by Steven Colbert and his ‘Late Show’.

I found it on YouTube last night.

I wouldn’t be true to how I feel about this awful event if I didn’t share this with you here.

Hence, I leave it here for you to watch, if you want to!


Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Slams Trump, Insurrectionists in Witty ‘Rent’ Spoof

A mob of Trump’s supporters stormed the United States Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, after refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election.

A year later, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert commemorated the event’s anniversary on Thursday (Jan. 6) with a hilarious critique of the insurrectionists and the politicians who allowed it to happen, set to the tune of “Seasons of Love” from hit Broadway musical Rent.

The spoof, titled “Abhor-Rent,” opens up with clips from various news anchors speaking on the anniversary, before leading into the iconic piano instrumentals of “Seasons of Love.”



~~Published January 6, 2022~~

A surprisingly light look back at one of America’s darkest days.

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the ire of mitt

Mitt is not different from ANY of THEM!! … “It seems clear to the pundits that President Uncle Joe’s ONLY hope for a successful administration is to stop suggesting that the GOP’s racist policies are based on racism; he MUST begin to foster cooperation and compromise with the GOP by accepting the god-given right of the minority to rule.”


Mitt Romney was angry. Very angry. His anger burned as hot as a thousand blazing suns. Well, okay, maybe a thousand cheap birthday candles. Well, maybe a couple dozen cheap birthday candles. But still, Mitt was ever so angry. You could tell he was angry because he frowned. Not the frown he gets when the époisses de bourgogne has been served before it reached room temperature, but still it was clearly a frown.

Why was Mitt so very angry? Because he felt President Uncle Joe had been mean to Republicans. Mitt said Biden had “accused a number of my good and principled colleagues in the Senate of having sinister, even racist inclinations.” (NOTE: there are “good and principled” Republicans?) He said Biden had “charged that voting against his bill allies us with Bull Connor, George Wallace and Jefferson Davis.” (NOTE: voting against even debating the voting rights bill allies the…

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Not Unexpected, But Disappointing Nonethless

And of course this happened … with the help of TWO Democrats!! … “Not one Republican senator in the United States Senate, and not one Republican representative in the United States House of Representatives voted in favor of ensuring and protecting the rights of every American citizen to vote in free and fair elections.”

This, That, and The Other

U.S. Senators Sinema and Manchin

Last night, the United States Senate rejected a proposed rules change that would have allowed for the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, to advance with a simple majority of 51 votes (as opposed to the arcane Senate filibuster rule, which requires a 60 vote “supermajority” to pass certain — but not all —pieces of legislation).

But two Democratic senators, Joe Manchin from West Virginia, and Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona, joined all 50 Senate Republicans in opposition of that rules change. It failed by a vote of 52-48.

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, which, if passed, would have overhauled election laws and enabled Congress to counter an onslaught of new and extreme voting restrictions enacted by Republican-controlled state around the the country.

The key takeaway that every American who cares about…

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