Those Damn Guns!

AMERICAN REALITY — in real numbers!! … “This issue is an excellent example of just what money can buy from the Senate … Sadly the debate will soon die off and NOTHING will be done to try and prevent this from happening.”

In Saner Thought

But first a factoid….the year is not quite 180 days old and we have had 200+ mass shootings….now there is a stat to be proud of (sarcasm)……

The mass shooting in Texas that has left 21 people dead, mostly children, has ignited the debate on guns and what to do……and of course those idiots that say ‘thoughts and prayer’ are doing nothing to help only patronizing the people involved.

As usual after the fact the Congress has taken up the problem of guns and associated deaths…..The House tries to pass some form of solution and the senate as usual will do NOTHING!

At least 10 GOP senators would have to support gun control legislation for it to pass. The New York Times contacted all 50 Republicans to see whether they’ll back two measures that the House has approved to toughen background checks for people who want to buy guns. Most…

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Fake Meat Peach Tree Dish

There are no words!! How low can you go? — there is NO bottom!! … “There will always be room in the Republican Party for Trump sycophants … even if their entire brain can fit inside a peach tree dish.”


Sometimes when I create a post on Facebook, the algorithms or whatever will read the hashtags, and if it’s something that can be associated with charity, Facebook will ask me if I want to create a fundraiser. So if you hashtag a hurricane, COVID, women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, etc, it will ask if you want to use your post to raise money. What really puzzles me today is what in the hell in today’s cartoon does Facebook believe needs a fundraiser? I got a Facebook request to create a fundraiser while I was creating this post. Can anyone take a guess as to why? Guessing is all I have.

Does Facebook believe we need to raise money for people who’ve been zapped while eating a cheeseburger? That’s one of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s claims. She believes the government is spying on people eating cheeseburgers and when it catches those savage…

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The ‘Heroes’ Of Uvalde

THIS!! … “Meet the Uvalde Police SWAT team. Where were they? Outside the school, waiting on reinforcements. When one parent shouted, “Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to,” they took out their Tasers to keep parents from entering the school to try and save their kids.”

In Saner Thought

The tired debate ignites yet again….

Since the horrific shooting of children in Uvalde there has been another 10+ mass shootings….

Despite the horror and grief over the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and the rampage at a Buffalo, New York, grocery store before it, gun violence in the US has not diminished in the week since Uvalde. As of Monday, there had been at least 14 mass shootings in the US since the elementary school massacre, the Washington Post reports. Eleven of those were over the Memorial Day holiday weekend

The incident Stelter was speaking about took place in Tennessee on Saturday night, where six children between the ages of 13 and 15 were shot in what authorities believe was an altercation between teenagers. At a California party, one person was killed and three others were injured, one critically. At a Pennsylvania party, two people…

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Boors Ban Doors

WORD!! … “Ted Cruz is condescending. He’s a coward. He’s sniveling. He’ll say anything to appease the base. He’s disloyal. He’s sanctimonious. He’s icky and creepy. He’s a sonofabitch. He’s a horrible and vile excuse for a human being. He’s the shit slime washes off to get clean. Ted Cruz sucks.”


Ted Cruz went to Harvard and Princeton. He was a debate champion. With that in mind, I’m not ready to classify him as a moron despite the fact he says moronic things. While I’m not sure he’s a moron, stupid, or an idiot, I know for sure he’s a lot of other things.

Ted Cruz is condescending. He’s a coward. He’s sniveling. He’ll say anything to appease the base. He’s disloyal. He’s sanctimonious. He’s icky and creepy. He’s a sonofabitch. He’s a horrible and vile excuse for a human being. He’s the shit slime washes off to get clean. Ted Cruz sucks.

One reason Ted Cruz may say a lot of stupid things is because he’s not in a position to say anything intelligent. There are no intelligent reasons for not creating tougher gun laws. The only arguments against are stupid.

While most Republicans and assorted MAGAts are blaming mental…

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Monday Morning

This is so true!! … “The plan is obvious. Earth will become more and more beautiful until I can’t stand it. Then I will vanish. — D. Nurkse, from his poem ‘A Clearing on Ruth Island’, published in Sangam House, March 2022.”

Live & Learn

The plan is obvious. Earth will become more and more beautiful until I can’t stand it. Then I will vanish.

—  D. Nurkse, from his poem ‘A Clearing on Ruth Island’, published in Sangam House, March 2022


  • Photo: DK @ Cove Island Park @ Daybreak. 5:03 am. 59° F. May 30, 2022.  See more photos from today’s glorious morning here.
  • Poem Source: indeskidgepoetry
  • And a final thought…the biggest thought fluttering around (more like cutting) —  today being Memorial Day, a day we remember and honor those who sacrificed everything for our freedoms – – those Patriots who vanished before they were able to see another moment of our Earth’s beauty.  I am grateful for them and honor them today. And perhaps there is a bigger, grander plan, for the wars, for the children slaughtered at elementary schools, for the incomprehensible racist killings at…

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Memorial Day 2022

This is the only Memorial Day post I’m sharing!! … “I’m not working for social media with this cartoon as I’m using it to fight for change. I’m using social media to shame these gun fetishists.”


I broke one of my rules for this cartoon. I’m not big on holiday cartoons to begin with and since I’m a freelancer, I don’t have to draw them now. Back when I worked at The Free Lance-Star, my editor demanded a cartoon for every Memorial and Veterans Day along with most other holidays. I do believe we should thank those who fought for our country, but I think most cartoons that memorialize are boring. I have a rule against drawing boring cartoons, but that’s not the rule I broke here.

My rule about holiday cartoons is to do them a few days ahead of the holiday. That way my clients have time to schedule it for their pages. It seems to me if you draw political cartoons for a living, you should know this. It drives me nuts when I see a cartoonist draw a holiday cartoon the day…

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Sunday Saddest Sermon …. “🗞 ‘They Were Begging for Police Response — WRONG DECISION? That’s It?’ 🗞 …. “!!

~~May 29, 2022~~


This is the timeline — to the minute! Uvalde, TX police response!

Front page — May 28!! Almost 80+ minutes before police acted.


Be thankful your child wasn’t among these innocents left to the horrible whims of the shooter — while 19 +policemen were in the school hallways!!


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RFK Winning Entree

Congratulations!! … your work is amazing and very much deserving!! … “Here are the “award-winning” cartoons.”


I promised a few friends and cartooning colleagues I would get around to creating a post of my RFK award-winning entry. I still feel weird saying that.

Each editorial cartoon contest requires a certain number of cartoons in an entree. The Pulitzer, Herblock, and RFK each require 15 cartoons. All the rest require less. It’s extremely difficult to select 15, or fewer, of your best from over 300 cartoons.

The RFK is special. While most of the other contests want your best, the RFK wants your best on a specific subject, human rights. I love that about this organization as human rights is my main focus. Some of these cartoons got me suspended on various social media platforms. Here are the “award-winning” cartoons.

I can’t thank the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization enough. I’m now on the list with the likes of Don Wright, Mike Peters, Paul Conrad, Clay…

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Constitutional Right to Overcompensate

WORD!! … and more!! … “Anyone who can comprehend can read the Second Amendment and tell you it does NOT give you the right to own a weapon that can fire 45 rounds in a minute. It also doesn’t say anything about the right to own an assault rifle to overcompensate for your tiny Republican penis.”


Republicans who label themselves as “constitutionalists” really only cling to one of the 27 (ratified) constitutional amendments. Of course, that is the second, the right to bear arms.

The Second Amendment states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Now, this was written at a time when the most capable rifle available could only fire three shots in a minute if the shooter was really good at re-loading. Today’s standard AR-15 can fire 45 shots in a minute.

In Federalist No. 46, an essay by Founding Father James Madison in 1788, he examines the relative strength of the state and federal governments under the proposed, at that time, United States Constitution (which came into effect the next year). Madison is considered the father of the United States Constitution as he was…

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