Another Tome of Titillating Trump Tales

Never have, never will — have any respect for those who served, knew and waited for the book deal!! … “Esper’s book is titled “A Sacred Oath.” But what oath is he talking about because the one he took to be Secretary of Defense was an oath to protect our nation, and he failed to do that in order to get a big payday.”


Mark Esper has a book on his brief time as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense, and the book contains some wild accusations…that are totally believable.

One of the accusations is that during a meeting in 2020, Donald Trump wanted to deploy 10,000 troops to the streets of Washington, DC, where Black Lives Matter was protesting against police brutality, and have them shot in the legs. The guy who teargassed Black Lives Matter protesters in order to stage a photo-op with an upside-down Bible and later had a photo-op with Kyle Rittenhouse to celebrate his acquittal after shooting and killing Black Lives Matter protesters said Esper is lying.

Esper also claims Trump called the protesters “fucking losers.” How is any of this difficult to believe?

Trump said, “This is a complete lie, and ten witnesses can back it up,” without providing any names of the supposed ten witnesses.

According to Esper…

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Domestic Infant Supply

“A Supreme Court Justice wouldn’t really write a line in a legal opinion that views women as cattle. But, this is true. I fact-checked this and yes, the brief has a line about “domestic infant supply.”


What was leaked out of the Supreme Court last week was a draft and not the final written opinion for the majority. Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed its authenticity but has declared this isn’t actually the final vote, though it is. But, I’m sure the draft will change because what we saw from the leak is a rough draft before someone was able to tell Justice Samuel Alito not to say the quiet part out loud.

I’m sure at some point, a law clerk would have suggested they remove the line about women being cattle.

At first, I thought this was some social media meme propaganda. Liberals do that stuff too which really pisses me off because we don’t have to make shit up to fight Republicans. They give us all the facts we need. And it sounded so ridiculous that I immediately smelled bullshit. A Supreme Court Justice…

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