Elon’s Dumpster

#ElonMusk … this post says it all!! I’ll leave it here!!


When Elon Musk talks about free speech, I wonder if he understands what that is. Coordinating and strategizing with Nazis and making death threats is not free speech. You also don’t have the freedom to accuse someone of being a pedophile just because they disagree with you. Also, losing a social media account doesn’t mean you lost your freedom of speech because Twitter isn’t the only place humans are allowed to express themselves. Twitter is not a government platform.

But, I think Elon understands perfectly well that spreading conspiracy theories and instigating a white nationalist terrorist attack to install a fascist dictator who lost an election isn’t free speech. I believe he knows he’s full of shit. What makes me believe that was his post about the Democratic Party becoming more extreme thus making Elon side more with Republicans, who are making it harder for black Americans to vote while…

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