Randy Rainbow Song Parody …. “👓 ‘PINK GLASSES – Trademark’ 👓 …. “!!

~~May 24, 2022~~


Randy Rainbow has made it!! I’m so very happy for him. His talent is now recognized. He truly helped me personally make it through the awful days of darkness … tRump!

His talen, his charisma, his charm! I’m allthe way a fan!!



Viral Sensation

A satirist who primarily expresses himself through song parodies, Randy writes, produces, and performs the videos he publishes through YouTube. His website, http://www.randyrainbow.com, touts him as an “American comedian, actor, singer, writer and satirist best known for his popular series of musical parodies and political spoofs, which have garnered him international acclaim.”

And it’s true.

Randy Rainbow is an international internet sensation with over one million followers on Facebook and, as of this writing, over 650,000 followers on YouTube.

His musical video parodies are so good, in fact, they earned him a 2019 Emmy nomination.



~~Published May 23, 2022~~

The Randy Rainbow Show: “PINK GLASSES”

Executive Producer Randy Rainbow

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🐢 ‘Slow Down, Turtle Pace – Enjoy the Beauty’ 🐢 …. “!!

~~May 24, 2022~~


Our world is always in a hurry. That’s a measure of success and productivity, maybe? We have to realize that it’s best to slow down, smell the roses and take in the view!!

I agree!


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NATO’s No-No

TRUE THAT!! … #BuffaloHateShooting …


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Southern Baptist Coverup

Hey, hey … wadda we got here? Surprised? Naw … sounds familiar!! … “For over two decades, the Southern Baptist Convention stonewalled investigations and denigrated survivors of sex abuse by their clergy in order to protect their reputation.”


I spent a good portion of my youth being terrorized by Southern Baptists. For me, being terrorized by Baptists was being preached to by Baptists. It wasn’t a weekly thing, but anytime I was forced to go to church was a very miserable experience for me. And there was an entire year when I was forced to go to a Southern Baptist private school. I hated going to a private school so much that one day I asked to use the restroom, left the school, and didn’t come back for three days.

I was a class clown who specialized in making fun of other people. Cruel at times, yes but I learned how to punch up and I even did it with cartoons. It got me in trouble in public school so you can imagine how well my attitude went over in a private Southern Baptist school. I did not…

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Walking. Being A Little More Human.

Your walks!! … “So back to the walk. 747 consecutive days on this daybreak walk at Cove Island Park. Like in a row. (Almost.) – Admire you!! … Photo: Daybreak. 5:08 am, May 23, 2022. 64° F. Cove Island Park, CT.

Live & Learn

Monday. 4:48 a.m. Why so early? There is some logic, disturbing as it may seem to some, to catch twilight, or daybreak, or first light or whatever you may want to call it — I have to leave the house precisely 60 minutes from Sunrise. And since Sunrise changes every day, and I have no clue why, my rise-and-go changes daily. For this machine is wound as tight as a Swiss Clock. Precisely (Mostly.) Daily. (Generally.)

So back to the walk. 747 consecutive days on this daybreak walk at Cove Island Park. Like in a row. (Almost.)

64° F, feels like 62° F. This is from the Dark Sky App. No bloody chance in hell it’s even close. Wind gusting up to 20 mph. It feels like a brisk 49°. And thank the lightening bolt premonition before I left the house — I put on a windbreaker or this…

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