Viewing The Dead

As a retired MD, I know what to expect and I fully agree!! … “I say show it! Maybe the images will give people more insight to what killed these people … all the ugliness and obscenities.”

In Saner Thought

The media has very careful when showing the dead in whatever story they are covering…..they offer the warning but nothing you see is that offensive….so the question is….should the public actually see the dead?

Believe it or not this is an actual debate.

What do high-velocity rounds from an AR-15 do to a child’s body, and should the public see it? Last week’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, has rekindled a debate about whether publishing graphic images might prompt more urgent, meaningful action. As the New York Timesreports, families and the media asked the same question after Sandy Hook, and the core ethical issue is almost as old as photography itself. The famous photo of “Whipped Peter” helped spur outrage over slavery in 1863, and Nick Ut’s 1972 photo “Napalm Girl” (above) altered perceptions of the Vietnam War, but both images also shocked the public at the…

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Don’t Say “Guns”

The GOP way!! … “As Middle Age Riot on Instagram recently posted, “Republicans think it’s a good idea to give teachers less money, more students, fewer books, fewer resources, more parents in the classroom, more standardized tests, more scrutiny, more pressure, and a gun.”


Did you know that more than 30 states have laws allowing school districts to arm teachers? Naturally, giving guns to teachers is a Republican idea, like banning doors.

It’s not a great idea to arm teachers. Some states require over 150 hours of firearm training before a school employee can carry a gun to school, but places like Ohio only require 20. And, a lot of these school districts don’t notify parents that teachers can carry guns or which teachers are actually doing so.

Over the past year, we heard all this bullshit about parental rights and how they should set the curriculum. Let’s get rid of Critical Race Theory. Let’s ban controversial books. Don’t say “gay.” But, Republicans don’t want you to know that your child’s teacher has a Sig Sauer in her book bag. Some parents in Ohio learned their kids’ teacher had a gun in her purse…

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How Goes Ukraine?

Winners? … the arms industry!! … “Russia’s attack was unjustified and criminal, causing needless death and destruction in Ukraine, and sacrificing Russian lives for no good reason. The U.S. and Europeans share the blame, having spent decades ignoring and dismissing security complaints from Moscow, a decision that turned out to be foolish, even reckless. However, that does not excuse Putin’s murderous aggression. Nor are Ukrainians his only victims; Vladimir Putin’s decision has sent shockwaves across nations and continents.”

In Saner Thought

The latest shooting in Texas has pretty much thrown war in Ukraine to the back pages of the paper.

Are the refugees cheerful and warm in their beds? Is the Ukrainian military winning the war? Is Russia scrambling to retain territory?  How goes the war?

Let me give the reports that are lacking in the MSM (granted I do not watch all channels at all times so you may have heard some of this before)….

The reports are the Russia is controlling most of Eastern Ukraine….

Russia continues to make territorial gains in eastern Ukraine and now controls 95% of Ukraine’s Luhansk oblast, which makes up the northern half of the Donbas region.

The pro-Kyiv governor of Luhansk said Friday that Ukrainian forces might be forced to retreat from the near-surrounded cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk, the last hold-outs in the region.

“We will have enough strength and resources…

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