Queen and Adam Lambert Opening Set …. “🇬🇧 ‘Platinum Party at The Palace, June 4, 2022’ 🇬🇧 …. “!!

~~June 6, 2022~~


Trip back in time with timeless classics … bot musicians and songs!

What a way to open!

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The United Kingdom celebrated 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II with the Platinum Jubilee, a four day celebration of the queen’s long reign.

The Platinum Party at the Palace, a pop culture concert which took place on Saturday (June 4), served as a major highlight of the festivities.

Queen + Adam Lambert delivered an electric opening to the BBC’s Platinum Party at the Palace concert with a selection of classic hit songs.

The act was introduced in a novel way as the Queen and Paddington bear initiated the beat of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” by tapping on China teacups during a special opening film.

~~Published June 4, 2022~~

Proud to be a QUEEN fan. Traveling back in time … in the present!!

American singer Lambert, 40, took to the stage dressed in a black and gold embellished coat to continue the beat alongside the Royal military band.



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HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington …. “👑 ‘Ma’amalade Sandwich Your Majesty?’ 👑 …. “!!

~~June 6, 2022~~


The Queen ia known, among other things, to have a quaint sense of humor. It’s quite evident with this most recent video shared this weekend.

Two British treasures together.

Anyone for tea?

Cuteness overload.


The Queen had tea with Paddington Bear in a delightful prerecorded video that was played before the BBC Platinum Party at the Palace, a concert outside Buckingham Palace paying tribute to the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, broadcast live Saturday night, June 4, 2022.

The video had a particularly special moment of the Queen poking fun at her habit of carrying a handbag with her wherever she goes.

After Paddington ruins the food brought for tea, he offers her a marmalade sandwich, to which the Queen responds by pulling a marmalade sandwich out of her purse and confiding to him:

I keep mine in here, for later.

In the video, the beloved children’s character makes a mess of a formal tea service at the palace, while the Queen kindly watches.

The royal family posted a part of the video to its official YouTube channel soon after it aired on the BBC.



~~Published June 6, 2022~~

The Queen and Paddington Bear get the Platinum Party at the Palace rocking.

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Uvalde Coverup

This IS the bottom line … “What we should blame are guns. We should also blame cops who refused to respond. And, we should blame Republicans who refuse to even debate gun legislation. You can’t have a serious discussion on gun legislation with people who show off their gun collection during the discussion.”


Is there a coverup going on about the police response to the Uvalde school massacre?

While the 18-year-old shooter was inside a classroom with elementary students, some who had covered themselves in their classmates’ blood to hide and others who may have been bleeding to death, 19 cops refused to enter the classroom for 90 minutes.

There were cops outside arresting parents who were trying to enter the school to save their children. There were cops inside the hallway. During this time, children were calling the police from inside the classroom. Texas law enforcement has said “oops. Our bad,” but they haven’t provided good reasons as to why they messed this up so bad. There was one honest answer from a law enforcement spokesperson that the cops were afraid the shooter might stop shooting elementary students to shoot at cops.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is no longer investigating…

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

WOW!! … amazing info! Take a look!!

Live & Learn

Three hundred trout are required to support one man for a year. The trout, in turn, must consume 90,000 frogs, which must consume 27 million grasshoppers, which live off of 1,000 tons of grass.

—  Jeremy Rifkin, The The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World (St. Martin’s Press, October 4, 2011)

Photo: sawyer via Unsplash

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Motivational Monday …. “🌼 ‘Never, Ever -Stillness of Your Soul is Essential’ 🌼 …. “!!

~~June 7, 2022~~


It’s essential, imperative, required and obligatory that the stillness of one’s soul remain intact and ever-important for our growth, stablity and personal essence.

Block the noise of the world … most of the time it’s only static!


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