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It Is What It Is

It’s Time to Show the Mass Horror of Shootings in Pictures

As a retired MD, I’m in total and full agreement!! … “After the mass murder of children in Uvalde, Tex., America desperately needs to bring the true horror of mass shootings home — through pictures. We need an Emmett Till moment.


From the Opinion section of the Washington Post

Jeh Charles Johnson was homeland security secretary from 2013 to 2017.

“After the mass murder of children in Uvalde, Tex., America desperately needs to bring the true horror of mass shootings home — through pictures. We need an Emmett Till moment.

I am surprised that when I make this reference, multiple generations of Americans, White and Black, know what I mean. For those who don’t: Emmett Till was a 14-year-old Black youth who dared to say something sassy to an adult White woman in Mississippi in August 1955. For this “crime,” Till was abducted, tortured, shot in the head and dumped in a river by two White men who were later acquitted by an all-White Mississippi jury.

At Till’s funeral, his mother insisted on open casket for her son , to in effect say to the world, “Look what they did to my boy.”…

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Fox News Story Time

FOX what? News, my a$$!! … “Instead of showing two hours of evidence that Donald Trump tried to destroy our democracy, Fox News would rather show their viewers two hours of MyPillow and gold coins commercials.”


The first of the live televised January 6 Committee hearings will air tonight at 8 p.m. You can watch it on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, C-Span, and even Fox Business. Fox News is sticking to its regular line up of Fucknut One at 8 p.m, Fucknut Two at 9 p.m, and Fucknut Three at 10 p.m.

Fox News does plan to cover the hearings during TuckerHannityIngraham time as “news warrants.” What that means is producers will be watching the hearings and writing material of it for the anchors to be outraged over on the air. Fox News will have a special on the hearings at 10 p.m. which will gaslight the hearings to their viewers who didn’t watch them.

Fox News will not air the hearings for three reasons. Reason one is that they get the highest ratings with their usual primetime lineup. Sure, it’s all white nationalist…

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Lightly Child, Lightly

I dream through a wordless, familiar place — “Carol Ann Duffy, from Moments of Grace in “Mean Time” (Pan Macmillan; January 1, 2018).”

Live & Learn

I dream through a wordless, familiar place.
The small boat of the day sails into morning,
past the postman with his modest haul, the full trees
which sound like the sea, leaving my hands free
to remember. Moments of grace. Like this.

Carol Ann Duffy, from Moments of Grace in “Mean Time” (Pan Macmillan; January 1, 2018)


  • Photo: DK @ Daybreak.  Cove Island Park. June, 4, 2022. 5:34 a.m.
  • Poem: Thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels)
  • Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.”

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Alright Alright Alright

I too think it’s alright! … “McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, displayed a pair of green Converse high tops that were worn by ten-year-old Maite Rodriguez, one of the victims of the Uvalde massacre. She had drawn a heart on the right shoe over her toes. McConaughey said, “These are the same green Converse on her feet that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her after the shooting.”


Actor and Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey gave a passionate speech from the White House press room yesterday asking, “How can we make the loss of these lives matter?”.

McConaughey invoked the lives of the 19 children and two teachers murdered by a mass shooter two weeks ago in the town where he was born and where his mother was a school teacher. He described visiting Uvalde, “You could feel the pain, the denial, the disillusion, anger, blame, sadness, loss of lives, dreams halted.”

The Oscar-winning actor was in Washington to talk to President Biden and other lawmakers about stricter gun laws. Something the GOP clearly doesn’t even want to talk about. Last week, one Republican announced he would not run for reelection because of the backlash from his own party over his support for gun control. How dare he.

McConaughey said, “We can’t truly be leaders if we are only…

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#TBT …. “💕 ‘ThrowBack Thursday — I Called Her Chocolat’ 💞 …. “!!

~~June 9, 2022~~


Every morning, when I was at my desk at work, before starting the day’s journey, I heard this woman walk by my door. Her booming, harmonious voice told me the day was going to be OK.

Her real name is Georgina … I always called her Chocolat.


Because of the color of her skin combined with green colored eyes!!

She was a special woman, a unique spirit, a lightworker, a social worker by trade. And there was no other like her!

This memory came up today pn her daughter’s FB page — 9 years ago!

She is missed by many more people than myself … her daughter, her family and the many veterans whose life she touched.

Today I honor Chocolat and her daighter Chocolatita!



#TBT #ThrowVackThursday #Georgina #Chocolat #SocialWorker #Lightowrker #SpiritualUniqueWoman #Chocolatits #HerDaughter #ShesSurelyMissed #GoneTooSoon

#WeAllAreOne #ItIsWhatItIs #DrRex #HortyRex #hrexachwodpress

Thursday Thoughts …. “🤔 ‘A Very Well-Known Feeling for Me – What To Do?’ 🤔 …. “!!

~~June 9, 2022~~


I know this feeling very well … it’s personal.

I rather not speak than confront conflit, even in my personal life. As a matter of fact, mostly in my personal life. Why? Because I have tried other ways – talking it over, professional help, sorting it out … and sadly it’s lead to an impasse.

Hence, there IS a war within me.

I know it and I don’t like it but don’t know how to fix it!



~The Soul Journey with Sarah Moussa Facebook Page~

#ThursdayThoughts #AvoidConflict #ToKeepPeace #StartWarWithinYouself #IKnowThisWell #FeelingInsideMe #MasteryOfSelf #WhatToDo #DontKnowTheAnswer #SoulJourne #SarahMoussa #FacebookPage

#WeAllAreOne #ItIsWhatItIs #DrRex #HortyRex #hrexachwordpress


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