January 6th Hearings And A Snippet

I recorded the hearings … didn’t watch it real time but went to bed quite late watching ALL of it! … Truly, truly, I have no words!! It’s had to believe how close it was … and still it … to destroy the fabric of this nation (however flawed it may be)!!

Filosofa's Word

I mostly want to talk a bit about last night’s televised hearings, but also have another snippet … or maybe two … who knows?  🤷

January 6th Committee hearings

I watched the televised hearings of the January 6th committee tonight, and I have to tell you, by the time they took a 10-minute recess after the first hour, I was more than ready for a break!  I was shaking and couldn’t catch my breath after watching some of that footage.  I’ve never wanted to hurt somebody more in my life than I wanted to hurt those ugly people storming the Capitol.

The hearing was interesting … nay, fascinating … but not much new information has been presented as yet.  Still, watching the first-hand account by the police officer, Caroline Edwards, who was wounded, knocked unconscious, then resumed her duties to protect the Capitol upon regaining consciousness, only to…

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Lock Him Up

I know, I saw it all when it happened!! … “Donald Trump literally told the terrorists when and where to be on January 6. He told them what to do. He told them they had to be strong. He even held a pep rally for them. And during their attack, he kept goading and inciting them to continue and attack his vice-president.”


I don’t condone violence or wish harm against anyone. Real liberals do not do that. When someone expresses a wish or desire on one of my posts for harm to come to a Republican, I knock it down. I don’t tolerate it. But I do support protests. I support free speech.

There’s a huge difference between protesting and violence. Republicans think that difference depends on who’s protesting and who’s committing violence. If Democrats protest, then it’s violence. If conservatives attempt murder during a coup attempt, then it was just a protest by a bunch of tourists.

A man was arrested this week plotting to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is a lying asshole who has been credibly accused of attempted rape. The man who planned to assassinate him has been charged with attempted murder.

This person decided he needed to murder Kavanaugh, drove across the country from California…

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