The Capitol Police Gave Their All

I need to share this … “In Honor of Caroline Edwards!”


Image from Georgia Recorder(*)

In Honor of Caroline Edwards, Witness at the January 6th Committee’s First Public Hearing, and Her Colleagues

T he lovely, nails-tough cop described the
H ell raining down upon them.
E nduring torment, taunts, and trauma, they

C ontributed their very lives to save
A building, institution, lawmakers—all
P rey to a mob of fury-blinded
I nsurrectionists whose Chief insisted
T hat it was they who were in the right.
O nly now do we fully see the brilliant
L ight their heroism shone as trained thugs

P ressed against them,
O verwhelmed them.
L isten to her searing words:
“I t was carnage, it was
C haos…I wasn’t trained for warfare.”
E xcruciatingly, she detailed the horrors,

G raphically told of slipping in her fellows’ blood
A nd wiping clean their spray-pierced eyes til
V eils of spray descended on her own,
E xhausting…

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liz cheney will get you

She’s never been my ‘cup of tea’.!! But ,, this time – WOW!! … “She’s almost certainly burned her political career to the ground, and now she’s in the process of hunting down the insurrection wing of the Republican Party, the ones who forced her to make the choice. Trump probably twitches when he hears her name. She’s on her way to becoming a myth, a spook story that Republicans tell their kids at night, “Rat on your pop, and Liz Cheney will get you.”

I confess to having high hopes and low expectations from the January 6th Insurrection Committee hearings. I fully expected to be underwhelmed by last week’s prime time hearing and was surprised that it was as well orchestrated and effective as it was. But I seriously doubted this morning’s hearing would be as organized and productive.

I was wrong.

This committee is different. They’re actually focused and disciplined. In most congressional hearings, the members use the time relegated for questions to make political statements, score political points, and create sound bites in the hope of getting a moment on the evening news. These committee members have somehow found the strength of purpose to sit back, shut the fuck up, and let one or two people run the show.

This means we’re getting a coherent narrative, one that everybody on the committee agrees with and supports. It’s also a compelling narrative, and…

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The Guggenheim and London’s National Gallery Are Dropping the Sackler Name

And I think I know why … PHARMA!! … “The Guggenheim and London’s National Gallery Are Dropping the Sackler Name.

Purdue Pharma, the family’s company and the maker of OxyContin, was accused of exacerbating the U.S. opioid crisis that led to a record number of overdose deaths in 2021.”


The National Gallery in London announced Monday that it will remove the name of one of its largest donors, the Sackler family, from its walls; …

The Guggenheim and London’s National Gallery Are Dropping the Sackler Name

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Pardon Party

PARDONS –THIS!!! …”Call me crazy, but I believe people who tried to destroy our democracy to turn the United States into a fascist nation ruled by Orange Shitler should not serve time in Congress, but instead serve time in prison.

Republicans really have no shame. They help Trump commit a crime, claim it wasn’t a crime, then ask for a pardon so they don’t serve time in prison for the crime.”


Here’s what I want to know: Who are the Republican members of Congress who sought pardons from Donald Trump after helping him try to steal the election from President Joe Biden?

One of the bombshells revealed during the Congressional January 6 Committee’s live hearing last Thursday is that several Republican members of Congress who had helped Trump try to steal the election asked for pardons between the election and Trump’s last day in office.

What this says is that not only did these Republicans know they were lying for Trump, but also knew they were breaking the law. Why would anyone believe they need a pardon if they believed they were only raising legitimate questions about the election? Hmm?

Call me crazy, but I don’t think criminals should hold elected office.

The thing is, these Republicans weren’t trying to make sure the election was fair. They were trying to steal…

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Black Sun (Miracle, All of It)

Simply amazing!! … “Beautiful, dramatic and a little bit scary’: Danish photographer captures starling murmurations” (, June 13, 2022). A photo of starling murmurations from Soren Solkaer’s “Black Sun.”

Live & Learn

Beautiful, dramatic and a little bit scary’: Danish photographer captures starling murmurations” (, June 13, 2022).  A photo of starling murmurations from Soren Solkaer’s “Black Sun.”

“If you’re lucky enough to have watched it, it’s a sight you’ll likely never forget: hundreds of thousands of starlings covering the sky, undulating, shifting, forming giant fluid patterns that morph from second to second. The technical name is a murmuration. But in Denmark, where the birds fly above the northern stretches of the Wadden Sea, it’s called the Black Sun. That’s where Danish photographer Soren Solkaer first saw these mysterious patterns as a child — but it wasn’t until more recently that he pointed his camera at the phenomenon, spending the last five years following the birds on their migrations around Europe.”


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