Sunday Morning

The ‘Elves Church” … on Sunday!! … “Halldór Laxness, “Independent People”.

Live & Learn

And the boy went into the elves’ church. He had never seen such people before, so noble and happy. Such is life when it is lived in peace and in song. When the hymn was over, the priest mounted the pulpit and preached a sermon. Never had the boy heard a sermon so beautiful or so touching. And never afterwards did he hear a sermon like it. All his life through he remembered it, meditating upon it in secret and trying always to live up to it; but the theme of the sermon he told to no one. Some people think that it must have been about how in the end good will be triumphant in the life of man. Then the priest went to the altar and intoned in a warm, gentle voice; quite differently from our priests here on earth. It was as if a good hand was…

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Treason Tours

Yeah, only DEMOCRACY is at risk!! … “It’s been over a year and a half since terrorists tried to overturn an election and destroy our democracy. If we don’t charge the leaders, like Loudermilk and Trump, for sedition, they’re just going to do it again.”


There have been a few developments since my last cartoon and blog on Republican congressman Barry Loudermilk giving tours to white nationalist Trump terrorists the day before the January 6, 2021 insurrection to overturn an election and make our nation an autocratic fascist country governed by a Cheeto potentate.

Shortly after the January 6 coup attempt to steal the election from the President-elect, Joe Biden, after he defeated Donald Trump by around eight million votes, a Democratic representative, Mikie Sherrill, made a public statement that some Republican members of the House gave tours of the Capitol and congressional office buildings to some of the terrorists the day before their attack.

Very few representatives have offices in the Capitol building. The offices in the Capitol building are reserved for leadership. The offices for House and Senate members are in six office buildings near the Capitol. They are part of the Capitol…

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Sunday Serious Sermon …. “⛓ ‘Juneteenth – Long Overdue Celebration of Emancipation’ ⛓ …. “!!

~~June 19, 2022~~


Long overdue recognition, long overdue realization of this nation’s history.

I’m hoping that it will perdure and become part of the fabric that makes this country.


~Equal Justice Initiative Official Website~