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~~June 21, 2022~~


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Sleeping With Clarence

Ginny and ‘hubby’!! … “Here’s your cartoon for this week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.”


Here’s your cartoon for this week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. Please sign up to get these in your inbox every Sunday. 

This one was a lot of fun to draw. I sent seven roughs to my editor last week which included this idea. I was going to draw this cartoon for my syndicate if CNN passed it by. I actually felt that way about at least three of the ideas in that batch of seven. I was happy this was selected because it’s the exact kind of weirdness and irreverence I want in my work.

And I got to throw in Easter eggs. I don’t tell people what or where the eggs are. I often hide stuff in my cartoons that is never found by anyone. I never hide something in a cartoon that I think is vulgar or to try to fool an editor. That wouldn’t be professional…

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Abnormal Texas

Nothing else to say — I rest my case!! … “Republicans are racist. They have racist policies. They’re backward with women and gay rights. And they’re a bunch of religious zealots. This Texas Republican platform is the mood for the national Republican Party. It’s not that Texas Republicans are abnormal. All Republicans are abnormal. Texas is just saying all the hateful and regressive parts out loud.”


I hope someday Texas evolves beyond the Republican Party because the diversity in that state grows on a daily basis while the GOP keeps regressing. And as far-right and as out of touch as national Republicans are, Texas Republicans are even worse. And I hope Texas outgrows the GOP before the GOP makes it illegal for nonwhites to vote, which they’re working on.

Texas Republicans are the Texas Taliban. Just like the Taliban, they want to control women, condemn homosexuality, and govern by religious dogma. Don’t believe me? Check out the new state party platform the Texas fucknuts devised over the weekend.

Texas Republicans had their convention over the weekend in Houston. Texas Republicans are so far right that they booed Texas Republicans. They booed their Senator, John Cornyn, for working with Democrats on gun legislation (that doesn’t even touch guns) and they booed Texas Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw.


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