Hating On The FBI

THINK AGAIN!! … if you are able to think!! … “I don’t have the time or motivation to chronicle all the times Trump endorsed violence, But Vox has a very good timeline you can check out, and you won’t get the feeling of ickiness crawling all over you like when you click a link to Breitbart.
If you think Trump cares about anyone who’s not Donald Trump, you’re a damn fool.”


Elected officials from city councils to the presidency are supposed to represent their entire constituencies, whether they voted for them or not. A president should be president even to those who hate him. Donald Trump has only represented one constituency, angry racist white people. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone else, and quite frankly, he doesn’t really care all that much about the angry racist white people either. He’s just using them. Trump really only cares about Trump. But, he will send those angry racist white people out to hurt you. And the proof he doesn’t care about them either is that he puts them in harm’s way too. Ask Ashli Babbitt. Oh, wait. You can’t because she’s dead.

Maybe you can ask Ricky Shiffer. Oh, wait. He’s dead too.

Ashli Babbit was killed by a Capitol Police officer while she was engaging in a terrorist attack instigated…

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WOD …. “🌚 ‘Word of the Day – SELENOPHILIA – Love of the Moon’ 🌚…. “!!

~~August 14, 2022~~


Selenophilia is a love of the moon. 

Selenophilia derives from the words seleno- (moon) which comes from the Greek selēnē (moon) and philia (strong attraction to) which comes from the Greek philos (loving).

So selenophilia is literally moon loving!



On Thursday, August 11, the full moon in Aquarius, colloquially known as the Sturgeon Supermoon (more on that below), will appear in the sky, making it the last so-called supermoon of 2022.

As a reminder, new moons are when we plant and plan, while full moons are when we harvest, energy culminates, and we learn new and unexpected things.

When the moon is full, it is halfway through its lunar cycle and the brightest it will ever be for that cycle.



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Sunday Sweet Sermon …. “☕️ ‘Home, Comfortable, Yourself – Best Way’ ☕️ …. “!!

~~August 14, 2022~~


This defines me exactly. This is what I really like to do.

Best thing ever!


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RFK Bust

Awesome!! Congrats are in order … really admire your work!!


Not that I want to brag about this…again, but I want you to see this, And it’s not like it’ll get a lot of people gawking at it in my tiny apartment.

As you probably already know, I won the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights journalism award for cartooning last May. They did a very nice online presentation since COVID denied us all an in-person awards banquet. Stupid COVID. I hate you, COVID. The check for winning arrived a couple of weeks ago and last night, or sometime during the day (I’m not sure when), the trophy arrived.

It’s a bust of RFK. When I first won the award, several of my colleagues were like, “and you get a badass trophy.” And I wanted this trophy. I told them, “I want the head.” I’ve seen photos of these before but they don’t do it justice. It’s huge and it weighs…

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Sunday Morning. Yehi or!

Can’t sleep? Name of your blog … hmmm!! Awesome pic!!

Live & Learn

No, it’s not my morning walk @ Daybreak @ Cove Island Park. Not yet 831 consecutive days, like in a row. It’s too damn early for that. 3 hours and 12 minutes before sunrise, to be precise. And here we are. As Ocean Vuong states in On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous: “Let me begin again.”

I thought about that for a moment. “Let me begin again?” or, “Here we go again?”

2:36 a.m. I snatch the iPhone and check Sleep data: 5 consecutive days < 4 hours sleep. I check the Dark Sky app: Clear skies.

Sully pauses his snoring to open an eyelid. His big brown eye looking through me: What is wrong with you Man? He turns his head, and falls back asleep.

I slip out of bed, head downstairs, my bare feet pattering on the hard wood…

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