the price of being a mook

MOOK — a stupid or incompetent person. – “Now Ricky Shiffer is considered a ‘crisis actor’. Now his attack on the FBI is seen as a false flag incident. Ricky Shiffer died stupidly, in a corn field, wearing body armor, thinking he would be a martyr, an example to his fellow ‘patriots’. Now his fellow ‘patriots’ are accusing him of being Antifa.”

And by the way, no. No, there’s no “rich debate about whether or not a document is declassified if a president has decided but not communicated it outside of his own head.” Jesus suffering fuck, people. I mean, just listen to yourselves.

Okay, now as I was saying…wait, where was I?

Right, I hadn’t even started yet. Okay, as I was about to say, it’s a job of work being a Trump martyr. I’m thinking about this mook Ricky Shiffer. You know, the MAGA fuckwit who decided to start the War Against the Deep State by attacking an FBI office in Cincinnati, Ohio. First, you’re never going to make it to the Martyr Hall of Fame if your name is Ricky. Ricky is a fine name for a second baseman on a minor league team or the regional manager for a company that sells convenience store snack cakes. But not…

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“We The People…”

Hey you, ‘Mericans!! — Learn your history — Gouverneur Morris: Author of “We the People”

In Saner Thought

This is from the “Learn Some Damn History” files…….

Most Americans pretend to know the Constitution but the truth is they know very little about the most important document in the world…..the best they can muster is 2 or 3 of the amendments….there are over 20 contained in the Constitution.

Let’s take a historic look at the document that established this country…..

For instance where did the opening of “We the people…” originate?

Was it Jefferson? Maybe Franklin? How about John Adams?

None of those people came up with the opening…..

Then who?

There are lots of famous Founding Fathers who receive deserved acclaim for the work they did to shape the United States of America. Just think of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, or John Adams — even Alexander Hamilton had a Tony-winning musical made about him.

But there are plenty of other politicians who made real contributions at the…

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President Precedent

He’s THAT kind of guy!! — Here’s a list. I’m sure there’s more!!


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Is Donald Trump the kind of guy who would sell classified secrets, even nuclear secrets, to foreign adversaries?

Well, he’s the kind of guy who’d ask Russia to help him win an election.

He’s the kind of guy who’d invite Russians inside his campaign headquarters to give him dirt on his political opponent.

He’s the kind of guy who’d read the information from Russian hacks at his campaign rallies.

He’s the kind of guy who’d give Russians classified information while visiting the Oval Office.

He’s the kind of guy who’d tweet pictures of classified information.

He’s the kind of guy who’d hire people who worked for Russia, like Michael Flynn.

He’s the kind of guy who would appoint his son-in-law to his campaign and to his White House staff…

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🐭 ‘Ok Not To Be Ok — Never Give Up’ 🐭 …. “!!

~~August 16, 2022~~


But never give up.

I’ll leave this here.



~Island Bohemia by Gisela Weldon Facebook Page


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Banana Rudy

Comeuppance and KARMA!! … “Rudy is in extreme danger of serving the rest of his life in prison and he’s probably too obnoxious and narcissistic to realize it.”


Rudy is in extreme danger of serving the rest of his life in prison and he’s probably too obnoxious and narcissistic to realize it.

Rudy used to put people in prison. In fact, he was damn good at it. It was his reputation for putting mobsters behind bars that got him elected as New York City’s mayor. Rudy is to New York City what Ronald Reagan is to America. Ronald Reagan was a bad president but people, not just Republicans, swore up and down for decades he was a great one. Before Trump turned the GOP into a cult, you couldn’t win a Republican primary without being a Reagan Republican. Rudy achieved the nickname and designation as “America’s mayor” while the fact is, he was a horrible mayor. And now, he’s a horrible lawyer.

Rudy lost his mind over the past 20 years since 9/11. The man who used to…

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And then, there’s the Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

WOW!! Exactly … and I think we are still under stress and continue to be traumatized!! … Anne Helen Petersen, from “That’s a Stress Response. All the ways your body is (still) reactions to the pandemic.” (Culture Study, June 1, 2022).

Live & Learn

We compartmentalized the stress and ongoing trauma, flattening it into something survivable, but we nonetheless ate it for breakfast, and lunch, and dinner. We swam in that stress. We slept in it. We swallowed it in gulps. We lived through it, and we told ourselves stories of resilience, because what other choice did we have.

But the body is bad at pretending. It keeps the damn score.

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