Randy Rainbow Song Parody …. “⚖️ ‘Lock Him Up Yesterday!’⚖️ …. “!!

~~August 25, 2022~~


Dear Randy does it again!!

He’d been away for a bit. He popped up at the precise moment … after the Mar-a-Lago raid!!

Way to go, Randy! Yeah!


When is the US Justice Department going to lay criminal charges against Donald Trump?

It should have been “Yesterday“, according to brilliant satirist Randy Rainbow.

In his latest video, he takes aim at Attorney General Merrick Garland for not moving quickly enough.

Randy Rainbow’s latest Beatles-inspired ditty, “Lock Him Up, Yesterday,” takes a sorrowful look back at Trump’s more hopeful days, when a takeover was on the horizon, before whipping up into a fast and frenzied Donald Trump criminal rap-sheet, show-stopping Broadway-style.

It’s amazing how a song can sum it all up in one tragicomedy nutshell.



~~Published August 18, 2022~~

Parody Written and Performed by Randy Rainbow.

(Based on “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney and John Lennon). ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

“Yesterday is a hard word for me.”

Donald Trump

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Student Loan Forgiveness

I don’t and didn’t have student loans! I’m glad for those who will benefit from this!! … “Republicans say this is a move to buy votes before the midterms. But, isn’t everything people in Congress vote for an attempt to curry favor with voters? It’s the GOP’s own fault that they’re not going to get the great big red wave they were salivating over in November.”


I’m dedicating today’s cartoon to my friend Karen because she isn’t just glad to see President Biden forgive a lot of student debt for 43 million Americans, she’s relieved. President Biden just took a huge weight off her tiny little shoulders.

As soon as it was announced, Karen messaged me about the news in case I had missed it. Did I mention she was really happy about this?

Karen wrote, “Wiping away $10K for me would definitely help and make a huge difference in my life. Since the interest rate changes from year to year my student loans have different interest rates. What gets to me is how the loans accrue interest too. You may not have to pay your loans while in school but they are accruing interest. So a loan from freshman year has been accruing interest for four years. That adds up especially considering those loans are…

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New Boogie Wanted

Dr. Fauci is retirering … after 38 years of public service!! Those who know, value and congratulate him!!


With the kinda-sorta retirement of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Republicans are going to need a new boogieman. They probably have it in Attorney General Merrick Garland. And just like they did with Dr. Fauci, they’ll do it by vilifying and making a bunch of horrible shit up to the point that his life will be in danger. Maybe they should put Rand Paul in charge of the operation since he did such a great job of exposing what an asshole he is while trying to discredit Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci is an American hero and the top infectious-disease expert in the country. He guided us through the coronavirus pandemic. For that, he was attacked by fans of the guy who downplayed the virus while hundreds of thousands of Americans died. Dr. Fauci was vilified by fans of the guy who promoted fake cures and told us to ingest bleach.

Talking to…

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Thursday Thoughts …. “👮‍♂️ ‘Baxter – You Will be Missed by MANY’ 👮‍♂️ …. “!!

~~August 25, 2022~~


Officer Robert C. Baxter … a man of many faces: a son, a brother, a nephew, a husband, a dad … and so much more.

So much to do, so much to get done. Gone too soon!


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Threats to Democracy

Bottom line … “American voters understand threats to democracy are the number one issue facing this nation. I hope voters see it’s Republicans, who are trying to keep millions of them from voting, who are the threats.”


The issues that are of most concern to voters heading into the midterms elections this November are the cost of living, jobs, economy, immigration, crime, and climate change. But, we have a new number one issue and that is…threats to democracy. Good.

Threats to our democracy should be the number one concern for voters. Usually, I’m afraid voters don’t understand what threatens our nation and they prove me right by freaking out over immigration or Critical Race Theory. It’s very encouraging that they at least understand there are threats to our democracy. I just hope they understand where the threats are coming from and who’s doing the threatening.

The economy is improving. We’re still adding more jobs. Inflation and gas prices are coming down. Still, President Biden’s approval ratings are still very low despite the fact he’s doing a good job. But, the enthusiasm gap has closed within two points…

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