Robert Craig Baxter …. “🙏🏽 ‘Gone Too Soon – Son, Brother, Husband and Father’ 🙏🏽 … “!!

~~August 31, 2022~~


This is an unmeasurable loss to all who knew, respected and loved Robert. His life will be remembered with joy and love.

His loss is mourned.

The loss of a loved one … in any way is a devastating, life-altering event!!

The only solace is that Robert will live on in our hearts, memories and his beloved children – Sophia and Reed and for always in his beloved wife Jill’s heart!!

Ride your Harley to the Heavens!!


Robert Craig Baxter, 49, of Apopka, Florida passed away peacefully on August 22, 2022, following his courageous 18-month battle with Glioblastoma.

Robert was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Florida at the age of three. He graduated from Lake Brantley High School in 1991. Robert received a Bachelor’s degree in criminology from USF. He then attended Lively Criminal Justice Academy in Tallahassee. While attending Lively, he was recruited and hired by the Largo Police Department where he worked as a patrol officer for four years.

Robert then transferred to the Orlando Police Department where he served in the patrol division for six years, was then selected as a SOD motor officer, where he was assigned for 11 years, and was also a motor instructor. He was a part of the marine patrol unit as well as certified on the bike unit. He was a founding member of the Emergency Services Unit, which he was a member through retirement. The last four years of his career, he was assigned to the Orlando International Airport.

Robert served the City of Orlando for 21 years after which his diagnosis forced him to retire.

Robert was a devoted husband and father leaving behind his two pride and joys; Sophia (15) and Reed (9), as well as his loving wife, Jillian.

He is also survived by his mother; Maryjane McLaughlin (Maria Rexach); father; Rodney Craig Baxter (Donna); sister, Shannon Reynolds (Chris); aunt, Patricia Beck (Joseph); uncle, Michael McLaughlin (Linda); as well as many memories and a love of Robert with his mother-in-law, Jane Kulics; father-in-law, Daniel Kulics (predeceased); brother-in-law, Ryan Kulics (Dana); sister-in-law, Amanda Overall (Robert); as well as many nieces and nephew, and his extended law enforcement family.

Reed, Robert and Sophia

Robert’s biggest accomplishments were his two amazing children that he has always been so very proud of. Next to the love that he had for his wife and children were that of motorcycles. He was an avid rider who enjoyed his yearly mancations riding through the mountains and the many adventurous trips he had taken.

He also had a love of planning the best family vacations.

Shannon and Robert
Patricia, Joe, Reed, Jill and Robert

Robert was such a devoted husband, father, son, and friend who will be missed by so many.

Services will be held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, 6803 Old Highway 441 S, Mount Dora, Florida 32757 on Friday, September 16th at 9:00 a.m.

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IOTD …. “🏆 ‘Images of the Day, Very Special Edition – Serena’s Diamond Goodbye’ 🏆 …. “!!

~~August 31, 2022~~


Serena Williams showed she’s determined to exit her glittering sporting career in style – in both the tennis and fashion stakes – waltzed on court at Arthur Ashe Stadium looking like a rock star, and leaving with a round two match ahead of her. 

In front of a 25,000-strong celebrity-packed crowd, Williams arrived to chants of ‘GOAT‘ and appeared every inch the queen of tennis glamour in a show-stopping bespoke Nike dress with crystal-encrusted bodice and train, which was inspired by the ensembles worn by figure skaters, the brand revealed. 

Williams, 40, who announced her retirement – without actually using the word – in a Vogue interview earlier this month looked sensational in the shimmering all-black tennis outfit, which included a skirt that comprised six layers – to represent each of her six US Open wins.  


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Gorby and Pootie

This is a historical fact!! … “Mikhail Gorbachev refused to go to war to preserve the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin is using war to build it back.”


When I was a kid, I accepted that the world was going to end in my lifetime through nuclear war. In a way, it was kinda like the kids today who never lived in a world before 9/11. Until 1990, I had never lived in a world without the cold war. It was part of my culture. My son was born in 1990, so he barely missed it.

I was born a few years after the Cuban missile crisis, but I knew all about it. It was in my history books. Some of the first news events I noticed were about the cold war. I watched President Carter boycott the Moscow Olympics and then watched Russia boycott the Los Angeles Olympics. I watched on TV as Russia illegally invaded Afghanistan, which we didn’t learn anything from. I watched as we funded Afghanistan’s fight against Russia the same way Russia funded…

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What’s Next For Liz?

Just think about this … “There are those out there that like Liz and think she would do well as an independent presidential candidate … I do not agree … in fact she would probably help Trump (if he decides to run).”

In Saner Thought

The mid-terms are just a mere 60 days away and time for IST to take a closer look at the possibilities of our vote.

The big story is that Liz Cheney was beaten in Wyoming in the GOP primary.

So what’s next for the beaten Repub?

But first let’s talk about Liz for a moment…..

Liz Cheney didn’t do the one thing she was meant to do: convince any of her fellow Republicans that Trump was a threat to the Republic and, by extension, the “values” of the Republican Party, because Trump’s “values” are now symbiotic with those of the GOP. So, she was a failure. In fact, the Cheneys–Dick, Lynne & Liz–have been agents of political corruption since Dick’s tenure in the Nixon Administration, steadily eating away at whatever frail ethical foundations the party may have had for three decades, rotting clean through by 2001–the detritus providing the seedbed…

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Lindsey Predicts a Riot

Lady G seems the have her panties in a wad!! He said this on one of the Snday shows. By yesterday he had changed his tune!! … “South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News yesterday and said, “If they try to prosecute President Trump for mishandling classified information after Hillary Clinton set up a server in her basement, there literally will be riots in the street. I worry about our country.” — I say — f*ck off!!


South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News yesterday and said, “If they try to prosecute President Trump for mishandling classified information after Hillary Clinton set up a server in her basement, there literally will be riots in the street. I worry about our country.”

Lindsey Graham should know better. This isn’t a warning. It’s a threat. I worry about our country too, but I worry because sycophantic dandy goons like Lindsey Graham hold seats of power.

The investigation of Hillary Clinton and her server has nothing to do with Donald Trump. In 2019, the State Department (under Donald Trump) conducted an inquiry and came away saying, “There was no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information.”

Donald Trump’s State Department said there was no “deliberate” mishandling of classified information. In case you’re a Republican, “deliberate” means intentional. Did Hillary Clinton intend to mishandle classified material?…

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🦋 ‘All That You Are — And More’ 🦋 …. “!!

~~August 31, 2022~~


That … and so much more. Never forget.


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