Sunday Sweet Sermon …. “✨ ‘Thoughts are Very, Very Important’ ✨ …. “!!

~~September 4, 2022~~


“Thoughts don’t become things; thoughts ARE things.”
― Eric Micha’el Leventhal

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STOP 🛑 The Violence!!!

My sentiments exactly!! … “I believe that any public official who calls for or in any way promotes violence should be immediately removed from his office. Period. We need peacemakers, not warmongers.”

Filosofa's Word

A child comes home from school, says he’s going to beat up the kid who called him a name.  The mother sits down with the child, offers him a piece of cheese and a juice box and explains to him that there are other, better ways to resolve his differences with the other child.  She talks about finding the reason why the other kid called him a name, talks about him sitting down with the other kid and maybe a mediator, to talk about their differences.  And she explains to him that violence is never the answer, that violence will only lead to more violence and that eventually someone will get hurt, perhaps badly.

Okay, sure … that’s the fairy tale scenario, but believe it or not, similar scenarios are happening as we speak around the nation today and every day.  But … among the so-called adults in the room? 

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Fascists Pardons

On target!! … “The Republican crybaby analyst may be correct and the president’s words turn them off and alienate them. But, I like that the president is speaking the truth. I like that he’s calling it what it is. — You can put me squarely in the camp of Fuck Those Fascists.”


Ya’ know, for a bunch of fascists, they sure are whiny snowflake babies.

President Biden called out MAGA fascists in a major primetime address from Liberty Hall in Philadelphia.

Biden called out MAGA fascism as a threat to democracy and framed the midterm elections as a battle for the “soul of the nation.” He’s right. We could lose our nation if we put Republicans in power. Republicans have given up on democracy and have embraced fascism.

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump sent white nationalist terrorists to overturn the election he lost. Donald Trump refused to grant a peaceful transfer of power. Nearly two years later, most Republicans still believe Trump won despite the lack of ANY evidence. The GOP has elected (irony) election deniers as their nominees in the upcoming midterms. The Republican Party has changed laws in states with GOP-majority legislatures making it harder for minorities to vote…

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