Ding-a-Ling Welfare Cheat

Yep!! Good for me but not for you, right? … “Conservatives love the idea of drug testing recipients of social welfare while never advocating the same policy for executives of corporations that receive welfare. In locales where these tests have been conducted, they’ve found very few drug users on welfare. It’s not a rampant problem among welfare recipients, but when you do find one, why punish his or her children? No cheese for you because daddy smoked a reefer?”


If you have ever griped about how much we spend on welfare or people cheating the system, then you have to be royally pissed at this action.

Retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre wanted to build a new volleyball court for Southern Mississippi University while his daughter was a student and a member of the school’s volleyball team. He got around $6 million for this although about a million ended up in his pocket. Where did the money come from? It came from welfare funds intended to assist the poorest people in the poorest state.

This bombshell was exposed by Mississippi Today after a two-year investigation.

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White revealed dozens of text messages showing how Favre, former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, and nonprofit leader Nancy New coordinated on procuring welfare funds to finance an $8-million volleyball stadium. The auditor’s office is claiming the full amount of money…

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