Woke Hurricane

I totally get you! I live in FloriDUH!!! … I know!! — “It’s not just the hurricane that scares me for the good people who live in Florida. I’m also scared for them because of the largest threat to the state, Republicans.”


I have a lot of friends in Florida, as I’m sure you do as well. At the rate people are moving to the Sunshine State (making it the third most populous in the nation), it’s probably impossible not to know someone in Florida. And I’m concerned for my friends in Florida. I don’t want to call them “Floridians” because some of them truly don’t like it there and would take offense to the label. But still, they live there nonetheless.

I’m concerned for my friends in Florida because of Hurricane Ian, which is making a beeline for my friend Karen’s house (who definitely doesn’t want to be labeled as a “Floridian”). This is a bad storm and I’m afraid there will be a staggering loss of lives in addition to the billions in property damage. Plus, Karen just put in a new pool. I tell her every day to check…

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Hurricane Ron

I know, I live in FloriDUH!! … “As Hurricane Ian threatens Florida, Ron DeSantis is the face of public safety long after his credibility has been shot from his constant lies. Ron DeSantis politicizes everything he touches for personal gain. Who says he won’t do that with a hurricane? Trump did.”


Hurricane Dorian was an extremely powerful category 5 storm that hit the Atlantic ocean in 2019. It decimated much of the Bahamas before traveling up the east coast hitting Florida, Georgia, North Carolina (where it made landfall), and Virginia. It even hit Newfoundland and Nova Scotia with hurricane-force winds before finally petering out over Greenland. Note that none of those places are Alabama.

When storms develop in the Atlantic Ocean, forecasts for where the storm is a threat range from Mexico to Canada. By the time the current president (sic) at that time sent out a tweet on the storm, the Gulf of Mexico was not in the projections and every forecast had it going up the east coast. But, when you have a racist gameshow host clown president, misinformation will be sent out. And when that clown is contradicted, the clown will order every government agency to lie for…

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