Texas Cowards

I thought FloriDUH wasn’t a happy place in spite of Disney … I guess Texas is right up there with FL!! … “They say everything is bigger in Texas, and it’s true. No state has bigger cowards.”


A few years ago I was at a wedding here in Virginia, and the bride’s mom had flown in for it from Texas. After the vows were exchanged and everyone was dancing and eating cake, the bride’s mom was talking about Texas. Everything that came out of her mouth was about how Texas was the greatest place in the world. Texas is great for this. Texas is amazing for that. Texas, Texas, Texas. It was kinda insulting to everyone who lived in Virginia to be told how much better it is in Texas. She had a real lady boner for the place. Some of the stuff she claimed about Texas wasn’t true, like how the state could secede anytime it wanted and it’d probably be better off, but I didn’t challenge her because the bride is a really good friend of mine. It’s not her fault her mom was lying…

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Friday Real Fact, #2 …. “🌀 ‘Hurricane Ian Destroys McLAren P1’ 🌀 …. “!!

~~September 30, 2022~~


So very sad to see.

I’d think if anyone had that much money to buy this car, they should have had enough to protect it from this desturction.

I’m wonderinf if they have good insurance … more than likely, yes! HortyRex©

Hurricane Ian ravaged the US state of Florida, causing catastrophic flooding and leaving two million properties without power.

The storm was around 225km (140mi) wide brought 240km/h (150mph) winds to the south-west part of the state, but was downgraded from category 4 to category 1 as it moved north-east.

Showing just how powerful the flooding is, photos have emerged of a rare McLaren P1 destroyed in the storm.



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Friday Real Fact, #1 …. “🌀 ‘We are Safe — We Survived Hurricane Ian’ 🌀… “!!

~~September 30, 2022~~


We were lucky and we are blessed!!

And we are so very thankful.

The effects of this humongous hurricane were barely felt where we live. Having no power for almost 7-8 hours was the only discomfort we experienced.

And for that we are very, very grateful.


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