Sailing To Fluteghazi

Lizzo and Madison’s glass flute … worth a read! … “Then came the outrage. People who never knew James Madison had a flute were outraged that a black woman played his flute.”


Yarr, did you hear the one about the black flautist playing James Madison’s flute? MAGAts haven’t been this riled up over stupid bullshit since Disney’s black mermaid.

First off, let’s get one controversy out of the way. “Flautist” is the correct term while “flutist” is more commonly used. I’m going with “flautist” just because I like it better.

Before this week, I bet you had never heard of Lizzo. Don’t feel bad, neither had I. Lizzo is a world-famous singer and classically-trained flautist. OK, flute player. Lizzo was headed to Washington, D.C, and was invited through a tweet by the Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden (who is the first black female to head up the LOC. We’re learning all sorts of new stuff today) to check out their flute collection. Another thing I just learned is that not only does the LOC have flutes, but they have the largest collection…

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