WOD …. “🍃 ‘Word of the Day — APOCALOPTIMIST — It’s All OK’ 🍃 …. “!!

~~October 8, 2022~~


Someone who knows it’s all going to shit, but still thinks it will turn out OK

“It” most commonly refers to the environment, or humanity, but could be other things as well.


Guy 1: “The envrionment is being degraded at an unparalled rate, we’re literally destroying ourselves … but, it’ll probably turn out OK. If we fail, the planet will likely heal itself in our abscence.”

Guy 2: “Man, he’s such an apocaloptimist.”


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Cheetos and Tacos and Pardons

All we getting … it’s good enough!!


So I drew this in a study room in the Columbus Metropolitan Library and got kicked out right after it was completed. So, I’m writing this while standing at a table in the library and it’s killing my back. So this is all you’re getting in a blog today. Bye

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