From Deep-State to Broke-State

Alex Jones … had it coming!! KARMA … “Like in the cartoon, Jones is currently begging for money with bullshit conspiracy theories. It’s just unfortunate he’s not doing it on the streets with the rats, though that is fortunate for the rats.”


A jury has ordered InfoWars head honcho and MAGA bullshitter Alex Jones to pay nearly $1 billion (that “b” is not a typo, kids) to the families of Sandy Hook for spreading lies that the massacre was staged. One lawyer said this is “probably one of the largest defamation verdicts in U.S. history.”

The families of victims in the attack that killed 20 children and six educators in Newtown, Connecticut said this proves that the truth matters. Jones’ supporters say it’s an attack on free speech.

But does free speech allow you to spread and profit off of lies and terrorist attacks where human beings were murdered? Alex Jones hasn’t just told funny lies like Lady Gaga performing a Satanic ritual during the Superbowl Halftime Show, or that the deep-state government poisoned water that turned all the frogs gay. He’s told lies that the government was responsible for the terrorist…

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Sully’s Great Adventures (II)

Sully’s adventure!! … “Grandpa and I went on our morning walk this morning. I had so much fun.”

Live & Learn

Grandpa and I went on our morning walk this morning.  I had so much fun.

After I did my do-do, Grandpa let me off leash. I can sense his anxiety just before he lets me off-leash…so much stress. I don’t understand why he gets all worked up. Oh, wait. I smell Geese. A lot of geese. Has to be over 100 of them snoozing in the dark on the open field. Have you ever heard 200 wings slapping at the same time?  You can’t see the Geese, but wow, what a sound. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Oh, here comes Grandpa running across the field. He’s so proud of me; he’s waving his arms in the air. Good Boy Sully, Do that Again! Or maybe it was, GET BACK HERE!

I walked into the lagoon chest deep. My boobies got cold so I ran out. And there’s Grandpa again: Good Boy Sully

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Ye For Herschel

Just a quick one …. but right on target!!



I apologize for just now posting this cartoon on the website. I started this cartoon around 4:30 am today at the Fredericksburg train station. I continued to work on it on the Virginia Railway Express (a commuter train). I didn’t get much done there as it was shaky. After checking in and getting to my gate at DCA (the Washington, D.C. airport that’s not Dulles). I finished the cartoon during my layover in Atlanta and was able to post it there to Facebook and Twitter.

I had to go to a lawyer’s office and sign some papers regarding my brother’s estate. Next, I am meeting an old friend who I haven’t seen in over 20 years. So once again, I owe you a better blog.

Signed prints:The signed prints are just $40.00 each. Every cartoon on this site is available. You can pay through PayPal. If you don’t…

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Thursday Thoughts …. “🏳️‍🌈 ‘Love is Love is Love is Love’ 🏳️‍🌈 …. “!!

~~October 13, 2022~~


The only thing the world needs more of!


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#TBT …. “👶 ‘ThrowBack Thursday — Baby in a Policeman’s Boot’ 👶 …. “!!

~~October 13, 2022~~


This photo was taken 1o years ago.

This is Reed, the youngest and only son of Robert and Jill.

I remember very well when Reed was born — I was present on the day.

Reed is 10 years old and sadly has lost his beloved Daddy!!

We will stand with him as long as we can.


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