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~~October 15, 2022~~


What does a town do when they have a beautiful waterfront area, but no natural beaches there?

Enclose the ocean, build decks around it, and make an ocean pool!!


Playa (or sometimes Playita) Rosada is located to the east of the main Parguera area, in Lajas, in the south-west part of the island. This is another lovely, local place to spend a day with family.

Co-managed by the DRNA (the Department of Natural Resouces) and the municipality of Lajas, there are bathrooms, showers, picnic tables and picnic pavilions (for rent for groups), and this lovely swimming area — and it is all handicapped accessible. The picnic area has some grass, but it is mostly sandy. It was really clean. I believe there are also nature trails to walk around, but we didn’t have time to explore the area much. This beach has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status.

In order to create this “pool”, an area of the ocean was enclosed with fencing, from the surface to the ocean floor, in order to keep large fish and jellyfish out of the swimming area.

Then they built a wooden deck around the whole “pool” area.

Aug 2020, sadly, Tropical Storm Isaias destroyed a large part of the boardwalk, destroying the “pool”.

Sept 2022- Hurricane Fiona destroyed what was left of the “pool”.



~~Published October 2, 2015~~

Ubicada en la Reserva Natural de la Parguera, el área recreativa la Playita Rosada cuenta con la piscina natural mas grande del caribe

~~Published November 7, 2018~~

Lajas is known for its offshore cays, islets and beautiful waters. Most of the coastline is lined by mangroves and there are no beaches, DRNA came up with a unique and fun solution, build a natural pool. A long wooden pier leads to a deck with a cut out square creating the perfect pool families love. The depth of the water from 3.5 to 5 feet deep.

Officer Cracker Jack

Please, Georgia, please!! We beg you … “Herschel Walker is a liar, a hypocrite, a deadbeat dad, and a wife beater. He’s a insane, stupid, and evil. Georgia can NOT put this man in the Senate.”


Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock and former football great, deadbeat dad, abortion provider, occasional wife beater, serial liar, non-Cherokee, and never-ever-been-a-cop Hershel Walker had a debate last night in Savannah, Georgia. It’s likely to be their only debate.

Herschel Walker is being lavished with praise for being coherent for most of the night. Most of the night. The bar for Herschel was so low that he could say diabetics need to “eat right” instead of taking insulin, and flash a fake police badge, change his position on abortion, and still receive praise for being able to stand up straight for most of the night. Republicans are counting this as a win. They’re probably just happy he didn’t repeat that story about the bull and three pregnant cows.

Walker is an opponent of abortion despite the fact he paid for one and tried to coerce the same woman to have another. He’s…

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Sully’s Great Adventure (IV)

Awwww!! Sully is leaving? Aww … “I know Grandpa loves me even though he yells at me a lot. Mommy is picking me up in 4 days. I will sure miss my morning walks with Grandpa.”

Live & Learn

Grandpa was moving slowly this morning. i could tell that he didn’t want go to the park. it was so cozy under the covers. i didn’t want to go either.

Grandpa then went pee pee. I sit right in front of him when he’s on the toilet. he said “it would be nice to have a moment or two of privacy” so I just sat there, turned my head so i couldn’t see his private parts, and licked his toes.

Grandpa then stepped on this black thing on the floor. it must be very mean because Grandpa gets so mad at it most mornings. he just keeps staring at the numbers yelling “it just can’t be right.”

we drive to the park.

i get out of the car.  there’s 3 deer eating grass! they have such white, fluffy tails. i felt Grandpa pull on my leash: “there’s no chance I…

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