Liz v. Lettuce

FACT … “Liz Truss was PM for 45 days. She was elected by the Conservative Party, not the voters of the UK. It’s kinda like here in the USA with the Supreme Court. One party picks a horrible fundamentalist fucknut zealot who the majority of the nation truly despises to sit on the highest court in the land for the rest of his or her life. At least the UK can shitcan their PM. We are stuck with SCOTUS judges for 30 years or so.”


I didn’t know what I was going to draw this morning and sat at my drawing table with my iPad open while I considered my options. I had already created and dated the canvas I was going to draw on in Procreate, but I just didn’t have the idea yet. I considered using an idea I wrote last week for CNN, which I really like, but thought maybe a few other issues should take precedence, like the war in Ukraine. Of course, my TV was on during this.

My TV was on mute and saw a live feed of a podium sitting outside 10 downing street with “Breaking News: Liz Truss to address nation,” or something like that. I thought to myself, “What does she have to say?” I turned my head from the TV to look at the empty canvas again because that always works to inspire an idea…

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Thursday Thoughts …. “🐌 ‘Sending Today a Great Big Hug Your Way’ 🐌 …. “!!

~~October 20, 2022~~


One of the best things in the world to get … tight Boricua hug!!


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#TBT …. “🫂 ‘ThrowBack Thursday — Friends for Life/Soulmates’ 🫂 …. “!!

~~October 20, 2022~~


I met this amazing human being in the early 70’s when I started medical school.

The connection was felt from the beginning.

Many years have gone by, many times we’ve lost touch but the connection never wanes. We will meet soon.

Love you, sister from another mister!!


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