Cake For Bannon

Arrgghhh!! BFD!! … “Bannon is a lying corrupt racist yet his supporters can’t see it…or they refuse to see it. You have to have some very low standards and fucked-up values to believe in Steve Bannon. In fact, you have to be a white supremacist to cry for Steve Bannon. He will lose his appeal, go to prison, and probably join a prison gang of Aryans. He might enjoy prison.

Bannon is going to prison to build his street cred with MAGA, and in a way, he’s going to prison for Donald Trump. I’m waiting for the day when Donald Trump goes to prison for Trump.”


Steve Bannon has been sentenced to four months in jail for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena. His prison sentence is about two and a half terms of Liz Truss being prime minister (yes, that was a cartoon idea but I had already done enough on her). Bannon is allowed to appeal, but he gets to roam free and keep gooning while that process plays out. In fact, gooning is exactly what he did on the sidewalk outside the courthouse.

He said, “On November 8, there’s going to (be) judgment on the illegitimate Biden regime. And quite frankly, Nancy Pelosi and the entire committee.” He added that voters will be “weighing and measuring” the actions of the FBI as well as the congressional investigation into January 6.

Bannon is a white nationalist champion of the deep-state conspiracy theory. He’s unapologetic for being a fascist fuck and violating the law…

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