I Once Thought There Was Some Good In Everyone

“I ONCE THOUGHT THERE WAS SOME GOOD IN EVERYONE!” … so did I!! It’s a lot harder to think this way during these current times!!

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Until quite recently, I believed that all humans were some combination of good and bad.  None of us are perfect … I sometimes have thoughts that I’m not proud of and in my 71 years on this earth, I’ve done things I now regret.  Some people have more good than bad, and vice versa, but I always believed that at the core, people were good.  I sit before you today to tell you that I no longer believe that.  I have finally been convinced that some people are just evil beings.  This realization is not a pleasant one, not one that encourages me to want to remain a part of the human species.

When there is at least a shred of decency in a person, that part of them can be coaxed, nourished, and encouraged until that person finds their conscience and realizes the error of their ways.  At least…

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All We are Saying is ………

All we are saying — give peace a chance!! Remember? … “The horrors of the war, the contradictions in Western policy, the blowback on European energy supplies, the specter of famine stalking the Global South and the rising danger of nuclear war are provoking a worldwide chorus of voices calling for peace in Ukraine.”


Today the media talking heads reported on a conversation between Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskyy which took place last June.  The President had called to convey that the United States was going to provide another billion dollars of arms to Ukraine in order to continue the fight against Russia.

Biden was pleased to make the call and was somewhat taken aback when Zelenskyy, apparently without even a thank you, only asked for more.  Biden finally lost his cool and as Zelenskyy continued, the President said “You could at least be a little more grateful!”

What’s the message here?  What the President was saying was that he knew the American people would tire of spending billions for arms to Ukraine in a war which seems to have no end and could go on for years.

Ukraine has been wracked by shocking destruction and deadly violence since Russia invaded in February.  Tens…

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “⚖️ ‘The Current SCOTUS Proves Again It’s a Bought Joke’ ⚖️ …. “!!

~~November 1, 2022~~


I just found this on a FB’s user page.

I truly have no words .. it’s painful to watch this happening!!

And so many are unaware and going on with their life realities’!!

Just today SCOTUS stopped the ‘former guy’s’ taxes to be handed to the committee!!

And we are 7 days away from the 2022 midterms!!

I haven’t asked for permission to use these words but, by being out in the open, I think I can share!



so SCOTUS will protect Trump Tax returns . . . until the new Republican Congress elected shortly drops any further investigation into TRUMP’S lawlessness.

Crazy World.

Common people do not have these luxury options . . . just the GREAT VILLAINS and Oligarchs worldwide. Question . . . anyone else get depressed watching Democracy lurch to a halt?

7 more days and the NEW FACIST REGIME gets even stronger. The sadness is overwhelming some days.

What an impossible and insecure future we will have on this flooded and toasted little planet . . . when the world’s most noteworthy SUPREME COURT can’t even understand issues of fairness and diversity. Hold on my friends . . .

for the wild ride ahead!!”

R. Wolfryd.


Buckle up!! It’s already quite a bumpy ride!!

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