Thanks To Elon

Elon, the Chief Twitt … “But the Constitution does NOT guarantee you a right to tweet.”


If you tweet, then you know about the verification thing. In case you don’t know, it’s a blue check mark that means you’re authentic, important, and probably smell really nice. It’s given to individuals, corporations, charities, etc, etc. I don’t have one, but I did instruct a cartoonist, who doesn’t have any national awards, on how to submit an application for it…and they gave him one, but apparently, awards from the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization and the Society from Professional Journalists while working for CNN isn’t prominent enough. Maybe I should do what the other cartoonist does and steal my ideas, trace photos instead of drawing caricatures, and steal other people’s artwork that I sign my name on. But I’m not bitter.

Anyway, a lot of people want these badges. I do. Now, Elon Musk, the new scary-face owner of Twitter is floating the idea of charging for…

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🍁 ‘Just Thankful and Grateful’ 🍁 …. “!!

~~November 2, 2022~~


I’ll just leave this here … it says it all!



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Invaded By Oz

Oh, oh, Oz!! Said it out loud!! … “Oz said the federal government should stay out of abortion and it should be between a woman, her doctor … and her local politician.”


The most troubling thing that came out of the John Fetterman/Mehmet Oz debate for me wasn’t Fetterman’s struggle to express himself after his stroke. No, the most troubling was Mehmet Oz saying the quiet part out loud.

Oz said the federal government should stay out of abortion and it should be between a woman, her doctor…and her local politician. First off, the Supreme Court is one of the three branches of the federal government, but if elected, Dr. Oz wouldn’t be the first Republican senator not to know that. They think it’s the House, Senate, and church.

As Trevor Noah pointed out about Oz’s statement, “He started that sentence like he was on the side of women, then he snuck in the politicians at the end like a teenager buying condoms at the gas station.”

Dr. Oz desperately wants to be the next United States senator representing Pennsylvania. He wants…

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