Ready For Tuesday

True that!! … “Here’s your cartoon for this week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.”


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I usually wait a day, or two, or three (sometimes I forget) to post my CNN cartoon on my blog, allowing the CNN Opinion newsletter a healthy run with it before I give it some competition. But honestly, I don’t think my blog gives it much competition if any. I’ve already told you kids to subscribe to it and the newsletter (and site) gets millions of hits. But I think I should go ahead and blog these during my 30-day Facebook suspension so that the blog subscribers who also follow me on FB (but not the CNN Opinion newsletter) can go ahead and share them on FB. Spite them, babies! Spites them!

Also, this one might be more important since Election day is just two days away.

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Republican Answers

Voted already, early … This is the bottom line — “Republicans are a national security threat and most voters either don’t know it or don’t care. Worse yet, a lot of them do know it and it’s what they want. Vote Tuesday. Vote Democratic. Vote against the goons. They’re coming to destroy our nation.”


I am a half-glass-full kind of person and I don’t have a lot of faith in American voters. They have short memories. They don’t pay a lot of attention. They’re ignorant on most matters. And many are just stupid. Also, Democrats suck at getting out the vote. You need a giant visual villain like Donald Trump to get them to the polls to create a blue wave like the one in 2018 which gave Democrats the House and many state legislatures. Unfortunately, Republicans are great at getting out their base. And, they do it with lies.

There is no massive election fraud. Critical Race Theory is not being taught in schools. Public school teachers are not inflicting a gay agenda upon your children. Parents are not being persecuted or denied rights. The FBI isn’t politicized and coming down on Republicans unfairly. Conservatives are not being persecuted or having their freedom…

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