Blowing Smoke With Kari

WORD!! … “One good reason to vote against a person is if they’re not mature enough to handle losing. Nobody likes losing, but you don’t have to be lying babies about it. The lack of confidence in our elections is only because we have Republican goons telling the American public they can’t trust elections. No, it’s not elections I don’t trust. I don’t trust Republicans.”


We are accustomed to receiving election results on election night, but we are not entitled. Naturally, Republicans believe they’re entitled to everything they want. And if they don’t get what they want, they lie and whine like little babies.

Jim Jordan tweeted, “Election results should be known on election night.”
Why? You’re not entitled. In fact, official counting of votes has NEVER been completed by any state on election night. It’s never happened. David Becker, executive director of the nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation & Research, said it’s never happened at any point in our nation’s history. Ever, ever, ever. Never.

Taking days to learn the results of an election isn’t new. We didn’t know who won the 2000 presidential election for over a month, which was into December. Even then, we never really found out who won the most votes as it was the Supreme Court ending the Florida…

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🩰 ‘Always Trust Your Strength’ 🩰 …. “!!

~~November 15, 2022~~


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Wally’s Great Adventures (6)

Awwww!! Wally and Sully!! … “hello everyone. wally here. guess what? my big brother sully came to visit. mom said he’s not my brother but he’s my cousin.”

Live & Learn

hello everyone. wally here. guess what? my big brother sully came to visit. mom said he’s not my brother but he’s my cousin. dad said that we came from the same mother. mom said that’s not true, and that he didn’t know what he was talking about. but since dad is always right, he said that sully is my brother and that was that. back to sully. he’s giant. i mean GIANT. i can’t wait to grow up to be that big. dad wrestles with him and plays tug-o-war with my toys. i run into the middle of their ruff-housing and dad shoos me away saying I’m too little and will get hurt. i bark at him, who’s he calling little. mom calls me over, and tells me that I will get hurt so I go and sit on mamma’s lap like a baby, little baby mamma’s boy. sad. sully is…

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