Four More Coups

My effing lord — Jeez!! — “Welcome to the first day of the 2024 campaign season.”


Welcome to the first day of the 2024 campaign season.

If Donald Trump really believes the last election was stolen and the election didn’t work, then why is he going through the trouble of going through another election? If I take my car through a carwash and it comes out with pigeon crap all over it, I’m not gonna go through that carwash again. The only reason for Trump to run for president again when he believes, as he stated last night, that our democracy is a “rigged and corrupt system,” is to use the 2024 election as a vehicle for another coup attempt.

Seizing power isn’t just one of the several reasons Trump announced his candidacy for the 2024 election last night. One of my readers on GoComics titled the Trump comeback attempt “Loserpalooza Grifting Tour 2024.” Trump has a history of grifting his supporters. To raise money from…

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Wally’s Great Adventures (7)

Hello, Wally … fancy meeting you here!! Awesome …

Live & Learn

hello everyone. wally here. dad took that shot above. not all that flattering, certainly not my best side. and if you thought i looked irritated, you pegged it right. dad shouted at me and told me to “get the hell out from under the chair!” because he knew what i was doing. what is it with this human need to follow me around when i have to poop. mom told dad earlier today that she caught me crawling under the outdoor furniture pooping.  she didn’t know what i was doing on monday and tuesday, but now she understood. she told dad that I started pooping on the grass on the wet leaves and then ran under the furniture to finish. and that she found a number of wally deposits lined up in a cute little row. well, she got most of the story right (like i did line them up…

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