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Thank you, Madam Speaker … “Dan Rather takes a look back at some of Pelosi’s accomplishments!”

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Love her or hate her, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has dedicated much of her life in service to this nation and has been an effective leader.  Yesterday she, along with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, announced that she is stepping down come January from her leadership position.  In his latest, Dan Rather takes a look back at some of Pelosi’s accomplishments …

Madam Speaker

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Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner

18 November 2022

Nancy Pelosi has been one of the more consequential politicians in American history. As she leaves her party’s House leadership after years in the spotlight, we should take this moment to recognize the scale of her accomplishments.

In the tumult of the present, it is sometimes challenging to see a bigger picture. As we look back at history, however, we can see that much of the cacophony that preoccupied those living through the eras…

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WOD …. “✍️ ‘Word of the Day — RECRUDESCENCE …. Indeed’ ✍️ is … “!

~~November 18, 2022~~


— the recurrence of an undesirable condition —

“recrudescence of the disease is a real possibility”

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Don’t Leave Us, Nancy

An where is the House heading? … No one really knows! It doesn’t look good. Get ready, bumpy ride ahead!! … “Nancy leaves leadership with grace, civility, and dignity, all of which are sorely lacking in the new majority.”


If Donald Trump somehow manages to retake the White House, that’s when we’ll miss Nancy Pelosi the most because she had his number.

Nancy Pelosi stepped down last night from Democratic leadership, though she’s going to remain a member of Congress. Republican representative Ronny Jackson, a man who has literally been inside Donald Trump, tweeted how she’s now unemployed and no longer living off the taxpayers. She is NOT unemployed and Jackson is also living off the taxpayers. Republicans are enthusiastic that they “fired” Pelosi, but she’s stepping down. She hasn’t been fired.

I thought of doing a cartoon on a new problem for Republicans, which will be their hunt for a new boogeyman. For the past two decades, they’ve been vilifying Pelosi though none of them can actually tell you what’s so bad about her. They trashed her to the point that a terrorist broke into her house and…

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Extremists in the House

We have a saying: “when isn’t Xmas in December” … “So, expect two years of nothingness except for Republicans shooting themselves in their collective foot … like all the other times voters gave them control of the House since 1994.”


America returned control of the House of Representatives to Republicans in the midterm elections, despite the fact they’re Republicans. What I mean by that is, Republicans oppose everything the majority of voters in this nation are in favor of.

Most Americans favor democracy and mail-in voting. Most Americans favor ballot drop boxes. Most Americans choose the United States over Russia. Most Americans are in favor of a woman’s right to choose and believe abortion should remain legal in every state. Most Americans support Medicare and Social Security. Most Americans support Obamacare. Most Americans support student debt relief. Most Americans oppose coups and insurrections. Most Americans believe Joe Biden won because most Americans voted for him.

Republicans are also the party of racists, liars, and lunatics. Who do you think the Proud Boys vote for? Who do you think Klansmen and Nazis vote for?

But Republicans ran on a message of…

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Wally’s Great Adventures (8).

Awww, Wally!! … “I found that when i run inside from the cold, i can sit on the heater vent and warm my tooshy. it feels so warm and so good.”

Live & Learn

hello everyone. wally here. it’s 1:30 am and dad just took me out to go pee pee. it threw me off as dad never gets up, it’s mommy that does all the work. i really didn’t know what to make of it. i barked a little, hoping mom would stir. she didn’t. i think she was in shock too. dad held me close to his chest as he carried me downstairs. he didn’t say anything but i could feel his heart go pitter patter. he has one, a heart that is, i heard it, that made me happy. its dark out and dad told me to ‘hurry up, go pee pee and not screw around, it’s cold out here.’ i sniffed the grass, there was either rabbit or raccoon rummaging around here. i walked further out in the yard sniffing to see if i could track them down, and dad…

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