Something To Smite About

I know, I live in FloriDUH!! … “DeSantis is exhibiting just how better disciplined he is than Trump by holding off for now, but the time will come when DeSantis will have to run against Donald Trump, and that will require attacking him.”


I am so looking forward to the impending Trump/DeSantis war. DeSantis is trying to blow off Trump’s attacks as just “noise” because he knows it’s too early to attack Trump. Nobody but Trump needs to start officially running for president right now. DeSantis and everyone else can wait about a year before creating official campaigns. DeSantis is exhibiting just how better disciplined he is than Trump by holding off for now, but the time will come when DeSantis will have to run against Donald Trump, and that will require attacking him.

Donald Trump is a god for the Republican base and they have become a cult. DeSantis is very popular with the same base, but how will the cult respond when DeSantis attacks their deity? I hope he goes the Marco Rubio route and tells them Trump has a tiny penis.

That’s it for today’s blog, kids. It’s Sunday and…

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Sunday Sweet Sermon …. “🌼 ‘Indeed, The More You Know’ 🌼 …. “!!

~~November 27, 2022~~


It can’t be said any better.

Sometimes less is better than more!



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FIFA Florida

I know … I live in FloriDUH!! Arrgh!! … “The governor of Florida is working overtime to make his state an autocracy, and in case you’re a Republican, that’s a government run by one person. Ron DeSantis has fired elected officials. He personally re-drew congressional districts in his state. He’s personally picking and choosing what books are allowed in public schools. He has attempted to outlaw “wokeness,” which is an attack on free speech. He’s punishing corporations that don’t agree with him. He’s banned teaching Critical Race Theory in schools which has never been taught in public schools. He’s the champion of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. He signed a law making it legal to hit Black Lives Matter protesters with your car. He’s deporting immigrants to sanctuary cities … from Texas.”


When I started this cartoon, it was just a joke and creative license that the next World Cup will be held in Florida, but guess what. In 2026, the next World Cup will take place in Florida, at least part of the tournament anyway.

There have been a lot of protests against FIFA holding this year’s World Cup tournament in Qatar, a Persian Gulf nation with a horrid record on human rights, whether it comes to women, LGBTQ+, migrants, etc. Qatar is an autocratic regime that also suppresses a free press. Part of FIFA’s excuse for holding the tournament there is that all the nations in the Persian Gulf region are like this.

Some of the teams competing are displaying protests on their uniforms which has outraged conservatives here in the USA because athletes shouldn’t protest for equality. To them, athletes should only speak their minds when sharing conspiracy theories…

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Sunday Morning

BONO … “My instinct to hail a friend is to hold them.” — Bono, “Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story by Bono” (Knopf, November 1, 2022).

Live & Learn

“In relationships, I’ve observed that a partner can start out as a friend, then become a passion, then a co-parent, a mother or a father of your children, and if you’re really fortunate, the partner remains—or returns as—a friend. It’s a lower-temperature take on a romantic life, but it’s enduring. I have been so fortunate. Great friendships can survive most of the crap thrown at them. They thrive on the manure of shared disappointment and drama. It’s hard to imagine a force as great as romantic love, but friendship comes close. Someone once argued that “friendship is higher than love,” and I understood what they meant. It may not be as melodramatic or grandiose or passionate as love, but friendship is often deeper and wider. Great friendships explain why we hold on to this life so tightly because it disappears so quickly. Just as Ali and I were becoming best…

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