Much Ado About Nothing

This is the perfect ‘toon’ for “Melon”!! — have to share!! Read along!


I’ve seen several cartoons from right-wingers about the so-called Twitter Files, but none from the left, so I decided to take a stab at it.

The Twitter Files is Elon’s release of internal documents from head Twitter honchos over blocking “news” on its platform about Hunter Biden’s laptop in the weeks before the 2020 election. Independent journalist Matt Taibbi did the reporting on it and released screenshots of emails and files through a stream of tweets.

In October of 2020, The New York Post published a story that a computer repair man had Hunter’s laptop. He doesn’t know who dropped it off because he’s partially blind (I can’t make this shit up), but it was never picked up. He went through the laptop and supposedly found alarming information, so he gave it to the FBI who’s investigating Hunter for lobbying for a foreign nation without registering and for not paying…

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🤣 ‘I’m Getting to That Stage — and I’m Laughing’ 🤣 …. “!!

~~December 6, 2022~~


I’m right there, early 70’s. A life well lived, if I may say so.

And I’m laughing more than I’m crying. Guess I must have done something right!



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Wally’s Great Adventures (17)

Brrrr!! I needed the warm vents … awesome pup!!

Live & Learn

 hello everyone, wally here. Just popped in to say hello. i went out for pee pee and it was so cold out. i was shivering and dad asked why as it was 45F outside. he said when he was a kid my age or a little bit older he used to walk to school all by himself in the winter in 3 foot deep snow and it was so much colder than this. mom snorted when she heard this. anyhoo, it ‘is’ cold out no matter what tough guy says. when i come in from the cold, i run quickly to each floor vent to see which one is blowing warm air and wherever my tushy feels warmest, i flop right down on that spot. It is so warm and toasty. 

and these vents are nice and all but nothing is like napping on dad’s lap when he is working…

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