NFT Resumé

Bottom line … “It’s nice that the Republican Party is reaching out and running gay and Latino candidates, but it never seems to matter if a Republican is white, straight, black, brown, gay, or whatever … they’re all POS liars.”


George Santos’ resumé packs more bullshit than a collection of Donald Trump NFT cards.

Santos recently won a Long Island congressional seat on a campaign of lies. The lies told aren’t just little white lies, like taking total credit for something he was just a small part of. No, these lies are on a level that would make Donald Trump and Hershel Walker envious. What’s also surprising is that he got away with it long enough to win the election. His district, which covers parts of Queens, is one that President Biden won. It’s not a Trumper district.

When called out on the lies, Santos blamed the media and replied with a Winston Churchill quote, which wasn’t actually from Churchill. He’s also promised to give us an answer to all these lies…somewhere down the road.

The fake Churchill quote is: “You have enemies? Good. it means that you’ve stood up…

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Friday Fun Fact,#3 …. “💫 Awesome Baby Yoda Xmas Gallery’ 💫 …. “!!

~~December 23 , 2022~~


He’s one of my fave characters. He’s beyond adorable and cute.

Celebrating the season.


Grogu, colloquially referred to as Baby Yoda, is a character from the Star Wars Disney+ original television series The Mandalorian.

He is a toddler member of the same species as the Star Wars characters Yoda and Yaddle, with whom he shares a strong ability in the Force.


Wally’s Great Adventures (24)

Wally, Wally … cover up! LOL … Happy Holidays!!

Live & Learn

Wally’s Great Adventures (24). hello friends, wally here. short update.  PG-13 rating on the opening picture, and it’s disturbing, i know. dad said he would never let mom turn me into a circus monkey. but here we are. and you are probably asking why the hell a lemur is splayed out in wally’s bed and where the hell is wally. anyhoo, sully has been visiting this week and he’ll be here for most of december as rachel and andrew (sully’s mom and dad) are going sunning in florida and as dad would say, they’re dumping sully here for free better-than-kennel services. but such a win win for me as i get to play with my BFF for almost a month. dana left today to visit her family for christmas. dad was still recovering from the pedicure tragedy yesterday when the two came down the stairs in MATCHING SWEATERS and get…

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10 Exciting Facts About Trump Digital Trading Cards

Mmm, mmm!! … “Those people are wrong and are traitors to America: here are 10 fund facts about these tremendously exciting cards, maybe in the history of ever.”

List of X

Last week there was a surprise major announcement from former president Donald J Trump. Many people were upset that the “major announcement” turned out to be merely an ad for Trump-branded digital trading cards (also known as “NFT’s for those born after 1970, or “those newfangled electric abacus photographic thingamajigs” for those born before 1930). Those people are wrong and are traitors to America: here are 10 fund facts about these tremendously exciting cards, maybe in the history of ever.

1) The cards are non-fungible, meaning that Trump says they are real, yet they don’t actually exist in any perceptible form, kind of like Trump’s border wall, or Trump’s economic growth, or a value of a Trump University diploma.

2) The card price of $99 may seem steep, but it is all Joe Biden’s fault for making everything so expensive for the average Americans.

3) The set includes fun cards…

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