Just a Thought …. “🧑‍🎄 ‘It’s Done Again … for this year’s Trip Around the World’ 🧑‍🎄 … “!!

~~December 25, 2022~~


Time and time and time again. He’s done it again.

Now time to rest and get back to the north pole!


Santa Claus’s Job

Santa Claus, in his red suit
Slid down the dirty chimney chute
And spilled a ton of wrapped-up gifts
For all the little happy kids.

When he was satisfied with his work
He turned with a small little twirk
Padding across the hard wood floor
He headed for the kitchen door.

Quietly opening the big fridge
He set some juice on the counter’s ridge
But when he closed the fridge’s door
He spilled some juice onto what he wore.

The cup fell down onto the ground
And Santa Claus spinned right  around
To find a quiet little girl
Staring at him with adore.

“Santa Claus,” she softly said
Turning her sweet little head
Toward the decorated Christmas tree
“Is there a little gift for me?”

“Of course” he smiled as he said
“It is that one that is wrapped in red”
The little girl grinned so wide
And then went right upstairs to hide.

Santa grinned a wide, big smile
And checked back on the big pile
Of gifts under the Christmas tree
And said “This is the best work for me!”

He stared at the mess on the floor
But shrugged and headed for the door
Slipping up the chimney to the roof
To fly away in his sleigh, with a big “SHWOOOF”

© Dec 2008, Katherine




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Merry Christmas

New day, new sun, new hope!! — “Sunrise on Christmas Day. 13° F, feels like -2° F. 7:20 to 7:30 am.”

Live & Learn

DK Photo @ 7:27 am this morning. Sunrise on Christmas Day. 13° F, feels like -2° F. 7:20 to 7:30 am. December 25, 2022. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.  More photos from this morning’s walk here: 1) Frozen Seagrass Photos, 2) Twilight photos, 3) Sunrise photos.

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Lying Tax Cheat

Of course ne would!! Every breath he takes … LIAR!! … “Would a tax cheat lie? Yes. Yes, he would.”

Donald Trump is a fraud and that’s why he didn’t want his returns released. He didn’t want the public to see he’s not really a billionaire, a lousy businessman, and potentially a tax cheat. Trump can’t claim he’s a great businessman without being a tax cheat, because great businessmen don’t lose money year after year. So either he sucks at business…or he’s lying on his taxes.


Would a tax cheat lie? Yes. Yes, he would.

When Donald Trump first began his presidential campaign back in June 2015, he promised he’d release his tax returns to the public which is a normal thing for presidential candidates to do. But then, he withheld them claiming that he couldn’t release them because he was being audited and you can’t release your taxes during that process. Of course, that is a lie.

Every president since Nixon has released his tax returns to the public except for Gerald Ford. Every president has been under an audit while doing so. It’s not a law that every president is audited, but an internal rule at the Internal Revenue Service. Everyone knew Trump was lying about not being able to release his returns during an audit. What we didn’t know was that he was lying about the audit.

For Trump’s first two years as…

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