Barbara Walters

Claytoonz thoughts on Baba WaWa … “Walters blurred the lines between news and entertainment and between journalists and celebrities.” … and more!!


The New York Times writes that Barbara Walters broke barriers for women as a co-host of the “Today” show, a network evening news anchor, and a creator of “The View,” all while gaining her own kind of celebrity. Also while covering this iconic journalist who broke barriers, the Grey Lady, (not Walters, the Times) put an apostrophe in “Walter’s.” Ugh.

I have mixed views on Barbara Walters. She was iconic and a trailblazer she was a great interviewer and got access to people other journalists couldn’t reach, like Fidel Castro and the Shah of Iran. She would ask tough questions like the time she asked Robin Givens if her husband Mike Tyson ever hit her. She asked this question was Givens was sitting right next to Tyson….and then Givens filed for divorce days after the interview.

But she also would ask dumb questions, like after Katherine Hepburn said she felt…

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Walking. A morning walk on a dreary day…

New year …. new way!! … “THIS, is the message for me for 2023.
Happy New Year everyone.”

Live & Learn

Here we are. Last day of 2022. I crawl out of bed, both knees are throbbing, why?   Doris Lessing: “But you just do not believe that you’re going to be old. People don’t realize how quickly they’re going to be old, either. Time goes very fast.” Truth Doris, truth.

970 consecutive (almost) days on this daybreak walk to Cove Island Park. Like in a row. And it’s a dreary morning. Dreariness lines up with the morning news. Bombing strikes on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. More civilians dead. More civilians without power. It’s winter. It’s cold.

I walk.

I’m having to work to lift the camera off the shoulder. Blah…spoiled after a run of “money” sunrises this week.

I walk to the tip of the point, and stop to look out over the water. I stare at the bench, think about sitting down…

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