Poo-Flinging Caucus

No truer words … “The poo-flinging monkeys, who I think are being led by Matt Gaetz, which tells us everything we need to know about them, are not people to be reasoned with. You can’t negotiate with them and right now, Kevin McCarthy is trying to negotiate with terrorists.”


Anytime I hear someone on a news show use an analogy or metaphor to describe an issue, that rules out my using the metaphor in a cartoon. During the Republican primaries in 2016, I may have been the only cartoonist in the country who didn’t draw a clown car. Chris Wallace used the term about 15 times a night, so I knew it was played out if that guy was using it.

“Clown car” has come back to describe Kevin McCarthy’s failed attempt (so far) to be Speaker of the House, losing six votes so far (as of this writing). Other terms being used and my ruling them out for a cartoon is “popcorn,” as in Democrats eating popcorn while watching the Republicans destroy themselves, and “Groundhog Day,” a reference to the movie as in the same day being repeated over and over. I’ve seen the popcorn metaphor in a…

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Pachyderm Problems

The 118th Congress … as we can see, will definitely be a dumpster fire!! Created by THEM!!!


Republicans have made a lot of promises about how they’ll use their House majority. They’re going to close the border, go after “unelected” bureaucrats, they’re going to cut spending, they’re gonna conduct multiple investigations after more investigations, blah, blah, blah. Legislate and govern? They can’t even get through the door.

Yesterday, two members of the Goon Squad, or if you prefer, the Gaggle of Idiots got lost while walking through the Capitol. Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert are loving holding their own party hostage because it gives them power, makes them relevant for a moment, and gets them on TV. While showing their asses to the media yesterday, they got lost. I’m surprised they didn’t bump into pathological lying freshman Republican George Santos because he got lost too. At least Santos can blame getting lost on it being his first day. What’s Boebert’s and Gaetz’s excuse? Didn’t they map the…

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