Most Punchable Face In Washington

I know! I live in FloriDUH!! … “Matt Gaetz is a pathetic vile troll who tries to derail the government for attention when he’s not busy showing off naked photos of all the girls he claims he’s had sex with. If anything, the Department of Justice should have slapped Gaetz with an indictment for taking teen girls across state lines for sex.”


The most shocking thing about a congressman trying to punch Matt Gaetz in his ridiculous-looking face is that it’s the first time it’s ever happened…as far as we know. And I don’t find it surprising that the attempted puncher of the most punchable face in Washington was one of Gaetz’s fellow Republicans.

Honestly, maybe Gaetz doesn’t have the MOST punchable face in Washington. He has competition from Jim Jordan, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. He even has stiff competition for the most punchable face in Florida from Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis.

Republicans typically behave like dehumanized troglodytes but when I see one try to physically assault Matt Gaetz, it makes me think that maybe there is some humanity in that person. And if you stayed up late Friday night, that’s what you saw… a Republican tried to attack Matt Gaetz. The greatest mystery here is, why did another Republican…

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Liars, Speakers, and Swearers

The Chaos Caucus. The Terrorists … “I have two predictions. Kevin McCarthy won’t last two years and at the end of that, Republicans still won’t have produced anything solid from Hunter Biden’s laptop.”


Yes, I stayed up all night to watch Kevin McCarthy finally become the Speaker of the House after 15 ballots. One thing that’s for certain is that McCarthy enters the office as the weakest Speaker in House history.

There are actually a lot of certainties with this, one being that the Goon Caucus or Chaos Caucus which consisted of nihilists like Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Bob Good, Scott Perry, Chip Roy, and Eli Crane are not people of principles or who keep their word. They’re all liars who were inconsistent throughout the entire ordeal. Each of them promised they’d never vote for Kevin McCarthy and described themselves as “Never Kevins,” but each of them eventually supported Kevin McCarthy. And yeah, a vote for Present was a vote for McCarthy. But then again, we also saw a bunch of so-called Never Trumpers become Trumpers.

Some members of…

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We Have A Winner!

After the 15th time … bucle up, butter cup!! … “Now with a new Speaker the GOP can get to work trying to destroy all social safety nets. If you voted for any of these ‘people’ then you should be pleased … if not you should be afraid. Let the political comedy begin.”

In Saner Thought

I preempt my posting schedule for this breaking news…..

First let me apologize my usual post on useless news will be tomorrow….but this info was too important to pass up.

After days of chaos, of accusations, of games the House has settled on a Speaker person….it will be McCarthy….

It was 15th time lucky for Rep. Kevin McCarthy—the Republican was elected speaker of the House at around 12:30am Saturday after the longest speakership election since 1859. He received a standing ovation after getting 216 votes in the 15th round of voting. The victory followed extraordinary scenes of chaos on the House floor. After McCarthy failed to win the House speakership on a 14th ballot late Friday, tensions boiled over. McCarth had appeared poised to win but Rep. Matt Gaetz, the last holdout to vote, voted “present,” leaving McCarthy one vote short of a majority. McCarthy strode to the back of…

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Wally’s Great Adventures (28).

Wally, Wally, Wally … and Buddy!!

Live & Learn

hello friends, wally here. tgif. so much to share. its been so nice outside, dad has taken my bff sully and me outside to play ball. now i’m still a puppy and all and haven’t seen the world, but Sully and Ball, that is something everybody has to see once. when sully sees ball, he is mental. dad calls him manic or demented or crazed or frenzied, or a lune. for sully it is all about ball. i don’t really get it. I chase sully and ball one or twice and then quit. that’s crazy. dad tries to encourage me to fetch, but that’s crap, why would i do that. so i lay in the grass, and roll around on my back. dad asked ‘what the hell i was doing?’ he then poked me with the ball-chuck-it-stick. I roll on my back again. he pokes me harder so i growl…

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