IOTD …. “🤣 ‘Images of the Day, Colbert Edition — Special Moment, Special Topic’ 🤣 …. “!!

~~January 11, 2023~~


Of course I stayed up to watch every minute of this interview, I have see the 60 Minutes and the GMA interviews.

They were all fine … but this one was the best. This one was the more relaxed, genuine, warm and fun.

Go Harry, go Steven!!



Harry addresses his ‘frostnip’ following trip to North Pole

The interview also touched upon lighter topics, including the “frostnip” that Harry faced on his genitals after a visit to the North Pole.

It’s fine now, thank you,” Harry shared, before sharing how he had completed no training before visiting – and forgetting his “[expletive] cushion.”



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Apples and Oranges and Whatabouts

Bottom line … of course, it’s not the same!! Jeez!! … “The White House is the executive branch of government, one of the three branches of government. While Trump may not know that, he does know that classified material is kept in the White House…because that’s where he stole them from. — The greatest difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is that President Biden is not corrupt.”


Goons tweet at me quite often. I do enjoy hitting their nerves and that I’m so important to them so I don’t block them unless they become annoying trolls. I would rather mute them than block them. Plus, when you block them, they boast about it. I have one consistent MAGAt who’s anonymous with only 30 followers. He tweeted at me last night.

After news broke that a few classified documents were found in a closet in an office belonging to President Biden in a think tank, the MAGAt goon tweeted a couple of my cartoons on Donald Trump stealing classified documents. He was demanding that I provide equal coverage and that I start running with the lying gaslighting talking points that are now coming out of the Republican National Committee. MAGAts are unable to see the differences between Biden and Trump on this…and they’re huge.

The ten documents found…

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “💐 ‘Positive Thought Changes So Many Things’ 💐 …. “!!

~~January 11, 2023~~


Such a simple act can change so many things.

Try to always do this as your day begins.

The full ‘tone’ of your day will depend on this.



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Wally’s Great Adventures (30).

Gotta love Wally’s adventures!! Awesome …

Live & Learn

Wally’s Great Adventures (30). hello friends, wally here. i was out in backyard sniffing around checking things out, never more than a few feet from dad, his hulking presence lurking. this “do it Wally do it Wally do it Wally do it Wally”, i mean really. who needs the pressure to go poo poo and who can do it like on demand. i mean this get-it-done-now attitude may work at work-work but here, wow. mom asked me what those red spots were on my belly, i barked and told her its from all this pressure dad is putting on me. mom always asks why i look so serious, and i barked and told her, wouldn’t you be serious with dad’s ‘7×24 coaching’, she laughed, ‘i’ve had 39 years of ‘that.’ i love mom, but she must be really tough. then get this, while we were outside, dad asked me why…

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