Bang Bang Baby

Well, well …. a good ‘kid’ with a gun? … “Back to the gun: The guy said there wasn’t a gun in the house but allowed the cops to search. They didn’t find a gun. but before the cops left, a neighbor showed them surveillance footage of the baby running around with the gun. They went back inside and one of the cops asked the child “where he put his ‘pew pew.” The kid pointed to a roll-top desk where they found the gun…which was fully loaded with 15 bullets in the magazine. Fortunately, there wasn’t a bullet in the chamber.”


Police in Beech Grove, Indiana were called when a toddler was seen in the hallway of an apartment building with a gun. The cops were called by a neighbor who reported that the toddler came to her door and pointed the gun at her son, who quickly shut the door and told his mom, “Baby with a gun.”

The caller looked through the peephole and saw the kid with the weapon, saying, “He was just kind of holding it behind his back, and I thought…like that’s a real gun. I sell guns for a living, so I know what a gun looks like.”

The purported father of Baby Bang-Bang, Shane Osborn, told police there wasn’t a gun in the house. He also said he was feeling ill and taking a nap when the toddler went outside the apartment and that he wasn’t aware of what was going on. Reportedly, the…

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Wednesday Wisdom …. “🌸 ‘Everything is Going to be OK’ 🌸 …. “!!

~~January 18, 2023~~


I don’t need a lecture, I don’t need a talk, I don’t need your solutions.

All I need is a reminder that ALL will be OK!!


~~Roger Lee Quotes Facebook Page~~

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Wally’s Great Adventures (33).

Awesome day from Wally … “Dad’s been working so hard with his training and it just isn’t taking. i’ll try harder tomorrow. have a great day everyone! Wally.”

Live & Learn

Wally’s Great Adventures (33). hello friends, wally here. i was outside scouting for vermin & came across a big pile of black jelly beans that someone dropped. they didn’t taste like jelly beans or black beans or any kind of beans that i know of. i thought maybe if i ate a bunch of them they would taste better. dad was staring at his gadget at the other end of the yard, and i was gobbling them up as fast as i could. They didn’t taste anything as good as the few pieces of banana that dad snuck to me earlier in the morning. then i saw dad rushing towards me. ‘WALLY! YOU ARE NOT EATING SCAT. SHIT. CRAP. DAMN YOU WALLY. I CAN’T LEAVE YOU ALONE FOR 30 SECONDS.’ dad was upset & stuck his giant finger down my throat, i gagged a little and coughed up a few…

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The Resurrection Of “COINTELPRO”

I’m old enough to remember and know how this program affected the people in Puerto Rico!! There was no boundaries the program wouldn’t cross!! … “The FBI’s Operation COINTELPRO involved thousands of covert operations to incite street warfare between violent groups, to get people fired, to portray innocent people as government informants, to destroy activists’ marriages, and to cripple or destroy left-wing, black, communist, white racist, and anti-war organizations.”

In Saner Thought

Keeping with the protest angle…..

Back in my younger days I was a victim of the federal government’s master plan, COINTELPRO.

I tried to let my readers know a little of the history of the 1960-70s…..

The program never truly went away…..but is being resurrected to the point of the protests of the past.

Elon Musk has opened the floodgates to expose the FBI’s latest war on Americans’ freedom of speech.  The FBI massively intervened to pressure Twitter to suppress accounts and tweets from individuals the FBI disapproved, including parody accounts.  The FBI and other federal agencies also browbeat Facebook, Instagram, and many other tech companies.

Thus far, most of the American media has ignored or downplayed the story, known as the Twitter Files. Since many of the individuals who the FBI got squelched were pro-Trump, the violation of their rights is a non-issue – or a cause for quiet…

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Eggstraordinarily Classified

I’m upset about the Biden documents — two months? I understand but this gives Repugs ;ammunition’!! Arrrgghh … “Republicans are not mad at President Biden over this. Some might pretend they are, but they’re lying. They’re loving this because they get to gaslight and distract from what Trump did. How can Republicans actually be angry with President Biden for doing the same they ignored when their guy did it worse? They can’t.”


In case you don’t buy eggs, eggs are expensive right now. And it seems like the price more than doubled overnight about a month ago.

I have groceries delivered and I include eggs every few weeks. As I went to add them to my cart from reorder list a couple weeks ago, I saw the price and said, “Holy crapazoids!” I think I was buying a dozen for around $1.78 and all of a sudden, they’re over $5.00. What the heck happened? Is there an ongoing chicken strike? No. It’s bird flu. Birds are dying off by the millions and the ones left just aren’t in the mood. In case you’re a Republican, chickens are birds. But I think the prices are starting to fall back down although the national eggheads say they probably won’t normalize until 2024.

Like the egg experts, I can predict a few things too and…

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10 Reasons Why Eggs Are So Damn Expensive

The current price of eggs … check the reasons!!

List of X

If you have been to a supermarket trying to buy a carton of eggs, you must have noticed that eggs have gotten really expensive, double or triple the price a year ago. Eggs are so expensive that some people now think it’s spelled “eggspensive”. Many people are blaming inflation, but prices for most products didn’t go up nearly as much. Here are 10 real reasons why eggs are so freaking expensive.

Whole Foods will now carry eggs made out of 22 carat gold so that its organic free range eggs would seem somewhat affordable.

1) Some chickens have found better employment opportunities at Chick-Fil-A and KFC.

2) The supply chain crisis revealed that American chickens didn’t actually lay any eggs, but instead outsourced all of the egg-laying to chickens in China.

3) Too many birds did not survive the last bird flu pandemic because they did not trust the bird…

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