Material Tucker

Much ado about what? …. Nothing?? It seems so!! … just blame Dark Brandon!!


Republicans, conservatives, right-wing talking heads, MAGAts, goons, and morons are still screaming and howling at President Joe Biden for “allowing” the Chinese Spy Balloon to fly across our nation from Alaska to South Carolina. But by all accounts, President Biden handled the situation in a very presidential manner.

The balloon was not a physical danger to anyone by flying across the nation. The military was more than likely jamming whatever transmissions it was trying to eavesdrop on. There was very little to gain from the aerial images it could have been taking because you can do that with Google Maps. The biggest thing is that it violated our airspace while either conducting espionage or just trying to piss us off.

The balloon was first sighted over the Aleutian islands which is helpful because now a dipshit like high school dropout and spouse of dick flasher to teenage girls in bowling…

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