#TBT …. “💕 ‘ThrowBack Thursday — HS Graduation Ring — Circa 1968’ 💕 …. “!!

~~March 2, 2023~~


I went to a private, Catholic school, from kindergarten to senior year.

This is the ring that we, as a group chose.

The name (Colegio San Antonio), the color (aquamerine), the graduaton uyear – 1968- all represent us, as a group of three separate home rooms of senoirs.

This is’t my ring … I lost mine many years ago.

Wish I hadn’t. CIRCA 1968.


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Thursday Thoughts …. “🐔 ‘Peckerhead? — Don’t Be One’ 🐔 …. “!!

~~March 2, 2023~~


I’ll leave this here … do with it what you will.

I’ll take this advice.


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Wally’s Great Adventures (51)

Wally, man!! You da bomb!! … “Wally’s Great Adventures (51) hello friends, wally here. mom went to run errands so i was helping dad work.”

Live & Learn

Wally’s Great Adventures (51) hello friends, wally here. mom went to run errands so i was helping dad work. i figured if i could stare at dad long enough maybe he would get off the phone and play with me. he told me if i was good for 20 minutes, just 20 minutes, he would give me some treats. 20 minutes is like forever. so while i waited for dad to get off his stoopid call i decided to chew on the black stringy cords, and that made dad very unhappy, and he told me to stop that. i then decided to check out the back of dad’s desk, i put my paw on top of something dad calls a home-pod, which then turned on loud blaring music, and dad whispered to me, ‘wally, i’m begging you, please stop.’ then i banged my head on the big screen, and started…

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Monkeying With Disney

DeSatan is an ASS!! I know I live in FloriDUH!! … “DeSantis said, “When you lose your way, you’ve got to have people that are going to tell you the truth. So we hope they can get back on. But I think all of these board members very much would like to see the type of entertainment that all families can appreciate.” Who’s truth? DeSantis’ “truth?””


After Disney opposed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Don’t-Say-Gay law, he and the GOP-majority state legislature took away Disney’s self-governing status. He claimed that he was removing “unjustified privileges,” but it wasn’t something he had an issue with until Disney had the audacity to criticize him. What DeSantis did was seek revenge.

In this special zone, Disney was covering the bill for government services, like water, roads, and other infrastructure maintenance, but by taking away the corporation’s special status, which it had for decades, he placed that tax burden on the residents. They took away the self-governing status before solving the problem of passing the buck to taxpayers. Instead of providing an answer to this at the time, Republicans just said “trust us.” Being that they’re Republicans, you can’t trust them.

Now, DeSantis has signed a bill that gives him control over the district. At a self-flagellation ceremony, DeSantis praised himself…

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