Lab Leak Theory

You got that right!! … “All the comments I’ve heard from Republicans about this leak have omitted the phrase, “low confidence.” Quite frankly, I have low confidence in Republicans.”


Some people may not get this cartoon, maybe even some who understand the issue. I hate to explain cartoons and I don’t write these blogs to explain my cartoons. If my cartoons don’t stand on their own, then they shouldn’t require help. But, I’m gonna blog about the issue anyway.

For the past three years, the theory that the coronavirus leaked out of a Wuhan laboratory, whether intentionally or accidentally, was mostly regarded as a conspiracy theory. Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray (a Trump appointee) said the bureau believes Covid-19 “most likely” originated in a “Chinese government-controlled lab”. The Department of Energy has made the same assessment but with “low confidence.”

The theory that covid-19 leaked from a lab is popular with Republicans. Trump ordered an investigation, not into the cause of covid, but just to focus on the lab leak theory. It’s the belief that the virus leaked…

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Dictator DeSantis

More shyte from FloriDUH … if you are a blogger here, where I live!! — “I haven’t read that this bill, if passed, would apply to bloggers outside of Florida. Maybe its author doesn’t understand he can’t legislate beyond his state’s borders. But I have half a mind to move to Florida just to challenge this bullshit bogus fascist legislation. But even without being in Florida, I need to care about this because Florida is still a part of the United States. Also, DeSantis is planning to run for president and I’m sure if elected, he’ll push his fascism nationwide.

Not in my America. When you go after bloggers and freedom of speech, you’re coming after me. You wanna fight? You got one. And if you think the mouse was tough, you haven’t tangled with a political cartoonist yet.”


This isn’t really happening, is it? Florida isn’t really going to force bloggers to register with the state if they criticize state officials, is it?

It is if fascist-loving Republican state senator Jason Brodeur has his way.

Hey, Republicans, if you want people to stop accusing you of being fascists then maybe quit the fascism. Hmm? And make no mistake about it, this is fascism at its very core. Did you know that bloggers in Russia with over 3,000 readers must register with the state? That way it’s easier for them to find you when it’s time to throw you off a building.

This bill is titled “Information Dissemination,” which is bizarre coming from the party of election lies. The legislation states, “If a blogger posts to a blog about an elected state officer and receives, or will receive, compensation for that post, the blogger must register with the appropriate…

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